Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sarah LeTrent, Sorry, "Fat" and "Attractive" are Mutually Exclusive

Sarah writes a piece getting excited about some nobody who photoshops fat people in Ambercrombie and Fitch ads.

Oooo!  You witty liberal arts majors!  What would the world do without you!?

Just one problem.

"Fat" and "attractive" are mutually exclusive.

And I don't have to explain or write any further because nature and genetic programming ensures the above statement is true.

Enjoy the fat!

Post - post - Ah, I see Sarah is a worthless person with a worthless degree.  Must have been KILLER studying for that "BA in Communications."


MackPUA said...

Holy shit, she looks like a reject prop from a sesame street episode

No idea chicks that ugly even existed ...

Feminism welfare for ugly chicks ...

Feminists pretty much debunked that Ugly chicks being smarter crap ...

Amethyst said...

Holy crap! She looks like the white version of this infamous little number:

Fred Z said...

Université de Bourgogne "Food and Culture Honors Research Seminar"???

Holy Mother of God, she's bragging about being an idiot loser fool or being a spoiled rich brat or maybe both.

Me, I'd go to Burgundy to do a Food and Culture Research Seminar any day. Indeed a minor paltry few years ago (ahem) I did.

But I sure did not ever pad my resume with: "Went to France, ate my head off, drank fabulous wine every night until I fell over right after having done more or less the same in Germany, saving only Bier instead of Vin."

Joe Bar said...

I lost 35 lbs since January, and I wasn't all that big. It was pretty easy following a no/low carb diet.

Now I cannot stand to see fat people. It enrages me. If i can do it, they can, too.

Anonymous said...

no doubt Sarah has the same hairstyle she had in HS