Monday, May 27, 2013

The Most Underutilized Weapon in Men's Arsenal

One of the things that irks me is when a company or an organization does something un-American, bigoted, racist, or just stupid, and then...

everybody complains about it and then...

does nothing more than that.  They just complain.

Remember Absolut vodka and how they did a campaign showing "Mexico" overtaking California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico?

No, of course you don't.

It would inconvenience you too much to ask the bartender to make sure you don't get Absolut vodka.  What's the sovereignty of the US, American culture and the American labor market worth compared to the 5 seconds of your life it would take you to ensure Absolut vodka pays for its threat against US sovereignty.  That 5 seconds is too much effort.

I could go on, but you get the point.  I'm sick of people (especially conservatives) being whinny bitches when some Hollywood leftist spews their anti-American mouth off, and then like sheep you still go and see their god damned movies, instead of holding to a standard and refusing to patronize the leftist scum.

So here's your opportunity guys.  The Samsung commercial has been in the news for the past week, let's see if you men can actually pull out that rusty ole boycott weapon and actually cause Samsung pain and financial cost for being ignorant and sexist.

Let's see if you guys just want to bitch on the internet about how the world is stacked against you, or if you want to cost Samsung so much in sales they fire the ignoramouses that made such a stupid commercial.

Let's see if you can, albeit indirectly, exact your toll of revenge on the misandrists who did that, costing them their jobs.

Here's their e-mail address if you care to expend the precious 5 seconds of your life telling them to shove it.

I got a Samsung, just got it 2 months ago. And when the contract is up, my new phone will be anything but.  Of course, if Samsung were to issue a statement and proof they fired all the people responsible for the commercial, I'd go back.  But we all know that isn't going to happen.

(On a hilarious side note)


Senior Beta said...

Right on, Cap'n. Saw the link to PM and the blood is still boiling. Time for a commercial reverse Pearl Harbor. Or 30 seconds over Tokyo.

Anonymous said...


I like your product, like android.

will not be buying it now

In the market for multiple tablets and phones

HTC and Motorola haven't insulted me nor has ASUS

You dicks dont suppose that men drive the tech market do ya?

( sarc on ) warmest regards ( sarc off )

White Knight Leo #0368 said...

Hadn't seen the commercial til I saw your link. Don't currently own anything Samsung, not going to buy anything Samsung, sending them a complaint now.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

I don' fly because I refuse to deal with the TSA. I don't shop at Dick's Sporting Goods because of their decision to pull evil black rifles off their shelves. I now avoid using Square because of their new anti-gun policies. I'm currently boycotting Marriott because of getting screwed over by their reservation folks and their total disinterest in customer service.

Avoiding Samsung should be easy.

Anonymous said...

Disgust registered by this former samsung customer.

An observer

Zhen said...

Done. I'm a woman, so technically it's not my "man arsenal". I found the commercial repugnant nonetheless.

Caitrin said...

I'm a woman, so technically I guess I didn't draw upon a "man's arsenal". I found the comercial repugnant just the same.

Anonymous said...

Been boycotting things for years; it's done fuckall amount of good


CoffeeCrazed said...

Thanks for the email. that was on my list for today.

Revo Luzione said...

I know teh Cappy likes to hate on Apple produts, but you know what? Apple has never, ever made such shitty commercial.

Here's my letter to Samsung, sent to the email address you provided:

"Ladies and Gentleman,

I wanted to congratulate you on making one hell of a viral commercial for some some sort of Samsung power pack upgrade thingie that features a man that needs an upgrade.

You didn't finish the job though. You need to do a female upgrade commercial. Let's see how your company fares when it creates an add featuring a dumpy, lazy housewife who sits around, doesn't exercise, makes microwave dinners, and wears stained sweatpants.

A well-dressed gentleman comes in, slaps the Samsung upgrade thingie onto her back, and she goes into an upgrade mode. All of a sudden, she pops out of the side bedroom, wearing a sexy French maid costume, exposing her toned legs, arms, and ample creamy cleavage. She's preparing a six course meal with filet mignon, and after the meal is finished and dishes are done, she kneels suggestively in front of the seated male, licking her lips suggestively.

By the way, I only buy Apple products, since, A, they are way better, and B, they've never featured such a horseshit commecial. Ever."

SM777 said...

Hi Captain, I don't recall ever buying any Samsung products.
"....and then like sheep you still go and see their god damned movies..."

The solution to this issue is Bitorrent with a masked MAC address.

Unknown said...

Done. I posted the email on my blog and submitted tit to AVfM.

Anonymous said...

5 seconds spent informing them that my next phone will not be a Samsung unless there is a public apology and consequences.

Anonymous said...

I've boycotted CBS ever since the Dan Rather fake memo incident. Only thing I watch there is the Super Bowl when they have it and the Masters.

I don't watch anything on NBC either - including the Olympics, nor any of their other networks. They can do without.

I also don't buy the Star Tribune even if it is the only paper available.

So, I'm with you on this one.

Unknown said...

Done. Email sent. I'm switching to Apple.

Anonymous said...

Send an email to these " marketing experts". No more samsung for me.

Anonymous said...

Most people are sheep, are cattle. They are too dumb to ever fight back against the ruling elite or government. They thus deserve their slavery.

Trying to help wake up men is a waste of time. Let the dumb animals rot.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is this wouldn't be misandrist if there were an equal number of commercials that poked fun at women and their faults...but that's never going to happen.

Anonymous said...

This just needs to be said, but a lot of naive WHITE PEOPLE think that civil rights era "boycotts" truly did just mean not buying any stuff. Passivity and restraint, good Protestant virtues that build the country and win the day.

It's a (heh) white wash. A lie. A cover up. The successful boycotts of history would always involve multiple forms of additional threats, social ostracizing (read: no sex from hot girls), political threats (largely from politicians forced to pay for crowd control instead of their own pet projects), media hysteria, and frivolous lawsuits.

The lawsuits matter a lot. Money lost to a manosphere boycott doesn't show up as an expense, the way lawsuit losses do. The lawsuits also make for very easy records for journalism majors to copy and paste for the news. This element, taking advantage of the neutral man's laziness and apathy, is the jiu-jitsu that allows all good protests to succeed.

The lawsuits don't have to win, and they usually don't, but just show up. History belongs to those who show up! Their existence alone carries weight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making it easy to complain to Samsung. They heard from me.

Aboutlifting said...

you can say that again. , ,

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change.

In a few months nobody will remember this faux pax, but the brand will remain in the collective consciousness. After all misandry is de rigueur in most commercials; the very fact that this particular instance is controversial bespeaks of Samsung's heavyweight status.

Maybe, just maybe, Samsung will issue some sort of half-assed, carefully-worded apology couched in whatever PR lingo, and they will do it with a smirk and tented fingers ('eeeexcellent!'), because bad publicity is still publicity. Come for the controversy, stay for the sales pitch!

Sales won't be affected a iota, because like it or not, Samsung makes really good stuff. And right now admitting this is as painful as passing a petrified spiked turd. If you want quality but don't want to be sucked into the boxed Apple world, you normally get a Galaxy, for example.

Perhaps a few disgruntled MRAs (overt or crypto-) will jump ship and get some HTC phone. Or a Sony TV. But that's it. A small, temporary, almost imperceptible dip in sales. And the misandry will march on.

Joe Bar said...

Wow. That is a horrendous commercial. I am amazed that was actually shown.

Eric S. Mueller said...

The two minutes hate is a very powerful weapon. Get people pissed off and worked up over ancillary issues for a brief time, then they forget and return to their pathetic lives.

I don't do two minutes hate.

Here's what I sent to the address you provided:

To whom it may concern at Samsung, I recently came across your commercial for the Smart TV. You know, the one with the "evolving" husband? You can find it here:

The whole "ignorant, grunting Neanderthal man with smart woman" meme has been greatly overdone. It was mildly amusing in the beginning in a self-depreciating way, but got old really fast.

I am a Samsung customer. I have several Samsung products, and for the most part would be content to keep buying. But if this is what you think of your customers, that men are this way, then I'll buy from your competitors. I'm tired of this stupid meme, and I'm boycotting from companies that continue to advertise with it. I'm sure you're going to get a lot of email like this in the near future, before sales of your products drop off dramatically.

Eric S. Mueller

Andrew said...

Good luck guys, if you buy a TV you're pretty much stuck buying Sony.

Everyone else uses Samsung screens.

Peregrine John said...

Pretty cheery about choosing an LG phone instead of Samsung.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that a manosphere boycott will really affect their bottom line.

It IS an international commercial, right? All of those feminazi-infested Scandinavian countries will be buying Samsung just BECAUSE of this add...many women will be attempting to plug it into their husband/boyfriend - I just don't want to know where they're supposed to plug it.

Anonymous said...

Here's a twist.
What does it say about a woman that marries such a man in the first place?
Yes the commercial is playing to a repugnant meme about men being about as bright and not near as lovable as Fred Flintstone.
I call it fail on both female and male fronts though.

White Knight Leo #0368 said...

I've actually been boycotting BestBuy for a couple years now, primarily because they are the corporate sponsor of CAIR.

Anonymous said...

Yanks are really stoopid.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest giving attention, and withholding attention, are also a powerful weapon an men's disposal. Women seem to crave male attention, even if they have not interest in the men themselves. If men could bring themselves to individually and collectively withhold attention from women then that would be a powerful force on women's behaviour.

Mike said...

Right on spot Captain.