Friday, May 17, 2013

Using Politics to Compensation for Lack of Talent

This is the latest and last installment of "Confessions of a Worthless Degreed Person" our interview series with Jorge Gonzales. 

Not that the other episodes weren't interesting, but this one was my favorite in that two very interesting observations were made.

1.  100%, not "most," not "the majority" 100% ALL of the women in his college were leftists and liberals.  It is proof of several things

    a.  These young kids are nowhere near as independent minded as they like to think they are
    b.  They are obviously brainwashed
    c.  The vehement responses he got when painting something "politically incorrect" only further proves my "Leftist Zombie" theory.

2.  I was amazed how you can no longer just make a work of art.  It MUST have a political meaning behind it and it MUST be leftist.  This is of course nothing but a ruse to overshadow the fact none of these "artists" have any talent.  None of them can be considered "artists." 

It's very much worth a listen despite the poor audio quality as it shows you just how far and psychotic this part of life has become since leftists have taken it over.


Glen Filthie said...

It's so easy to go along with that Captain but I feel you are making a grave (and dangerous)mistake.

Many are NOT zombies. The majority are NOT stupid. They are willful, deliberate parasites with a clearly defined agenda that is completely without morals ethics or conscience. They aren't going to stop either.

Stock up on ammo folks. And supplies. Yes it will get that bad. Animals get vicious when they start to starve.

King Alpha said...

Speaking of Feminists, this happened

I have a feeling this is gonna happen here

Geoarrge said...

If anyone really does want to be an artist, I'd suggest moving to Allentown, PA for a few years and study from Myron Barnstone before the man dies of old age. ( ) No postmodern liberal arts college fluff, just the hard disciplines of classical geometry and life study.