Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I Link So I Can Drink

Writing takes effort, thought, planning, and wit.

All of which is severely impaired if you just want to get hammered during the daytime, play video games and enjoy the decline.

So I link instead!

$6.3 trillion for illegal aliens.  Though the argument of illegal immigration is not a financial one.  It's a philosophical one.  If everybody in the world can come here and not adhere to American culture, then why have a country?  Let's just be an open "place to hang" for the whole world and us citizens can work hard to support everybody else in the world because it's compassssssionnnnaaaaate.

"The Lawyer Bubble."

Why Glenn, WHY??? Why did you lower your standards and write for USA Today???  (didn't even know they were still around).

I said it before, and I'll say it again, CHARACTER TRUMPS DIVERSITY.  There is NOTHING valuable in diversity unto itself.  It is a leftist scam to split the country along racial lines, create victim groups they can bribe with money for votes, and a way to excuse criminal/unacceptable behavior if the perpetrator happens to have a trait of a victim class.

This is your bed.  You are now allowed to sleep in it.

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Joe Bar said...

Glen Reynolds has written many articles for USA today. I guess, because they pay him?