Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Enslavement and Imprisonment of Western Children

Once again, for the cheap seats, I will make my claim that I do not hate children.  Matter of fact I will go so far to say I probably like children more than the average American or western parent in the fact I've actually taken the time to assess whether I would even make for a good father before fornicating and bringing innocent little souls into this world only to suffer under my poor and reluctant parenting.  I will even go further and claim that unlike most adults today, I have not forgotten what it was like to be a child and therefore empathize with them.

However, in being an adult I have the added benefit of hindsight and a birds-eye view.  I can look back with adult eyes and assess, analyze and view kids today as well as look at my adult peers and see how they interact with children.  And the unfortunately I've concluded our (adults') relationship with today's children is not so much of one of love, kindness and discipline, but rather one of convenience, advantage and slavery.

We literally enslave and imprison our children for our benefit.

For example, take religion.

I don't think I ever ran into one religious adult, yesteryear or today, who uses religion as an optional tool to instill virtue, morality, and discipline in a child.  A tool of which can be discarded or kept at the child's discretion when that child reaches an age of which they can determine their own religious beliefs. Instead, the majority of instances the child is used as an asset for the religion.  A borderline annuity of future collection plate donations, that is brainwashed before it is even cognizant or sentient, and then guilt-tripped into further compliance with the threat of eternal damnation and excommunication from the church.  And before you start making accusations of cynicism, ask yourself this question - have you ever seen or forced your own kid to participate in the Christmas service at church?  Forcing them to memorize hymns they don't understand and play the manger scene?

Was that for their benefit, god's benefit, or yours?

That's what I thought.

If religion doesn't convince you, just look at how we treat "having children" today.  While, yes, I will admit, there are many loving parents who truly love their children and have them for all the right reasons, sadly they account for the minority.  This is evidenced by the percent of parents who actually bring up their own children versus outsourcing it to a third party.  Be you ghetto/trailer trash, getting knocked up in your teen years and outsourcing the upbringing of your child to the state or you be uppity higher class folk who pay a nanny to take away the inconvenience of raising your own child so you can pursue your own career raise your child, let us be very clear what you are stating with your actions.  You view your child as a physical asset.  A thing to "have.  A cute little toy that you do not credit with having its own personality, intelligence, consciousness or soul.  It is no different than a luxury SUV or an accidental consequence for fornicating without protection.  Regardless of whether you are using it as a social status object or a reason to collect more in WIC/welfare, it is clear once again the child is there to serve you.  It is a slave, it is a prisoner.

Finally, if none of that convinces you (or perhaps none of it applies to you), just because the parents may not be unconsciously enslaving their children, doesn't mean the rest of society isn't.  Namely the education industry.

If there is an example of how we abuse, enslave, and take advantage of our children, the United States' (and most other western nations') educational system is it.  From the age of 5, we have our country's WORST people act like they're educating them, when in reality they are doing far worse.

At best they are baby sitting the tykes (thankfully taking those crying, liability-brats much-loved-children off of our hands, which is why very few parents ever complain).  But worse they are typically (though not always) our most incompetent and lazy citizens looking for an easy "career."  Too lazy to learn a skill or a trade, millions of worthless and lazy people declare "education" as a major not because they nobly care about the children, but like the idea of 3 months off, avoiding math at all costs, and being practically unfireable.  But the absolute worst is the brainwashing that occurs by these despicable people.  Indifferent about providing a genuine education to these children and preparing them for the real world, members of the education industry are first and foremost interested in brainwashing the little tykes into voting for future socialist causes, namely, more money for education, thereby guaranteeing their own financial futures.

However, the slavery is not merely relegated to K-12.  Not by a long shot.  There's still blood in those bodies that need to be sucked out and by god, we're going to get every drop.

First, you have every leftist, educator and teacher union thug pushing for the expansion of "pre-K-12" and "early childhood development.  Such efforts have already manifested themselves in the form of "Head Start" and the multitude of before and after school activities that are nothing more than breakfast, lunch and dinner programs.  Leftists and socialists are only more than happy to have the government take on more and more of the role of parent as it further secures future income for their racket "profession."  And lazy, pathetic-excuses-for-parents are only more than happy to have that little crying bastard their beloved child outsourced to the state.  Besides, "it's for the chilllllldrreeeeeennnnnn."  And there's no amount of other people's money and government indoctrination that's too good for them, right?

Second, it's not like the slavery ends at 18.  Not by a long shot.  Matter of fact this is when the child-enslavement kicks into high gear.  For after 13 years of indoctrination you can actually sell these young skulls full of mush on the idea of going into debt to the tune of $100,000 for worthless degrees that have no hope of ever providing a positive rate of return.  They are so deluded and misled they will actually spend anywhere from 4-8 years of their lives listening to worthless people spew worthless liberal arts and humanities, and they give these vermin their money.

Finally, as the slave starts to approach 30, and has jumped through all the hurdles, giving the adults and the education/enslavement industry the best years of their lives, $100,000 in tuition, and unwavering blind brainwashed loyalty, they finally have nothing left to give.  They have been sucked dry of all their youth, all their money, all their energy and creativity, and thusly are...

kicked to the curb.

The adults no longer have any use for them (and the real world certainly doesn't).  They have served their purpose - to entertain and support other adults.  Besides, there are always newer and younger batches of slave-children being fed into the machine.  This child-slave has nothing left to offer and is thus discarded.

Normally, this would enrage and anger most slaves.  However, there is one, final ingenious trick the slave masters played on their young victims.  They instilled in their children slaves unassailable egos.

With 13 years of K-12 brainwashing, as well as 4-8 years more in college, the education-slave industry lied to the children-slaves.  They told them "how great they were" how "intelligent they were" and how they were bound for "great things if they just followed their heart and the money would follow."  And when faced with the reality that most of them had;

1.  No skills or trades that were employable
2.  No future job prospects
3.  Trillions of dollars in student debts
4.  Just got suckered

their egos can't handle it.  Why, they're just so gosh darn intelligent!  Don't you know she has a 3.85 GPA in sociology?!  And instead of owning up to their mistakes for believing the BS the education-enslavement industry, they do what they were trained to do - lash out at the enemies of their indoctrinators.

"Evil big businesses."
"IT's the corporations MAAAAN!!!"
"It's George Bush!"
"It's white males/oppression/racism/sexism!"

So brainwashed are they, they will even continue to vote for socialist programs that mortgage their futures such as social security, national health care, medicare, etc. and some are so brainwashed, they merely double down hoping to become a slave master themselves by working for the education-enslavement industry.

Most, however, with time, will realize when they're 40, 50, even 60 that they are the ones who are to blame for believing the lies the adults told them.

But frankly, I don't care about them because by that time they are no longer children.  They're adults.

Adults who should known better.

Enjoy the decline!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that your experience with religious people is very limited, and consists of a few freaks you met who are from some whacked out made-up pseudo-Protestant church, like Holy Church of the Mountain or some such thing where they speak in tongues and engage in snake handling, because your experience with Christians is almost completely opposite mine.

From my experience (I'm in my 40s), the only kids these days being brought up with any values worth a damn are the ones in deeply religious (i.e. Christian) families (I'll include Mormons in there).

Sure, there are nutbags in the church world just like everywhere else. And sure, there are a number of churches engaged in open heresy now who aren't worth a warm bucket of spit. But by and large, this country started going to shit when its people stopped believing in God. Until you realize that, you'll never fully be a red pill guy.

Anonymous said...

What you said.

Quartermain said...

This may tie in a bit with your article:

Unknown said...

I've never wanted to get married or have children and despite what anyone thinks, I won't listen to them. I feel much happier not having that extra responsibility on my shoulder and I have no idea what kind of disorder or diseases the child might get from the genetic wheel of fortune anyway. There are so many chances that the offspring would become a liability that I would partially have to pay for and that wouldn't be fun.

Mark said...

All of the above is why we've taught our children the principles of our relgion (rather than simple rote), homeschool them ourselves, and explain how they'll be learning a trade or skill rather than plan for 4 years of college.

In our Mormon congregation, we're seeing more and more parents taking their kids out of the slavery trap, and we've been helping them one step at a time.

The decline is inevitable (barring major divine intervention) and we're doing our best to get the kids into lifeboats, able to fend for themselves before the ship goes completely under.

Pete Brewster said...

Slaves of the education industry? Oh no, no, no. It's far worse.

In the old days before modern financial markets, people who were too old to work had nobody and nothing to depend on to take care of them while they waited for death. This gave people an incentive to have many children, raise them properly, and see that their sons learned an honest trade, their daughters married as well as possible, and both became grownups as fast as possible. There was also an incentive to leave an inheritance, viz. the family farm, to convince at least one son or daughter to stick around and feed you your porridge when you were too sick or senile to cook any more.

Now, of course, we have 401(k)'s for the well-off and Social Security and food stamps for the poor. Once people had pension plans and the welfare state to depend on, they no longer had any incentive to abstain from neglecting, abusing or generally FUBARing their own children, or stopping the children from ruining their own lives before they began. Son living in his car because some gold-digger cleaned him out or in jail because she turned the kids against him? Daughter 45 and still working retail while she looks for Mr. Right? No problem! Someone else's kids will pay crushing taxes and 20 percent interest on student loans, credit cards and mortgages so you can retire at 55 and take 35 more years to die.

All these blessed pension plans, private or public, depend on someone else's making enough money to pay them off---either through taxes, for Social Security, or through interest and dividend payments, for private pension plans. Put bluntly, everyone's "pension plan" is to make debt slaves of everyone else's children, because they couldn't be bothered raising their own properly.

Sooner or later, of course, if nobody bothers to give the kids some way to pay dear old Mom and Dad what dear old Mom and Dad think they're owed, guess what? They won't be able to, even if they want to.

Enjoy the decline? If you're a wealthy bankster with more money than you could spend in one lifetime, or a young healthy single male with the option of going his own way and living on nearly nothing, sure. If you're dear old Mom and Dad and you told the kids to "follow their dreams" instead of grow up, forget it. Your pension plan isn't going to pay out (except maybe in worthless Fed-confetti). Your kids don't owe you jack (on the contrary, you owe them big for ruining their lives). And once you see what the decline has in store for the old, sick and just plain useless, the Smith and Wesson plan's going to look pretty darn good.

Anonymous said...

Bah! The fact that you didn't get anything out of religion doesn't mean that there is nothing to be had. We don't all share your deficiencies.

For the rest, well put!

coolstud said...

Damn its so true, Iam damn sure enjoying the decline folks.

Anonymous said...

Vicarious living through children and religion is very important for demographic purposes. The alternative of having children for the glory of your national/racial dominance always ends very badly.

Most of the great men of history have a pattern in their family. Artists tend to have an artisan father and laborer grandfathers, for example. There must be certain trends over generations to produce elite quality talent, and modern "you can do anything" education and mobility only gets in the way of organic genius production.

'Reality' Doug said...

Intellectually and socially, this is a brave post. I want to see these issues addressed. I think it is too easy to pick on Christians as opposed to Jews, Muslims and other religious followers. Christians will likely feel singled out. And I am more pessimistic about human abilities. I don't think natural selection has been freed to make the following assertion true: "Most, however, with time, will realize when they're 40, 50, even 60 that they are the ones who are to blame for believing the lies the adults told them." I think the population pool can get better not be redemption. Ballsy and great post! Must be Taboo Wednesday.

Izanpo said...

Great entry, Cappy!

It is a huge scam. All of it. But it starts even before public school. It starts in daycare.

Daycare is "solution" to a problem that cropped up from a "solution" to a problem that was entirely manufactured; women being oppressed by having to stay in the home and raise their kids.

While once upon a time daycare was viewed as a necessary evil. Now it's the default. Parents plan on sticking their kids in daycare before they're even born. We can thank feminism for that.

Having to raise children is demeaning for a woman, and so that job is delegated to....ummm... another woman who is paid crap wages. It's okay, the hamster has that covered.

Daycare kills children's spirits. The first few years of a child's development are crucial. Just imagine what it means to a child to be abandoned in some kiddie warehouse for 5 days a week - left to the mercies of violent older kids and fat-assed, indifferent, minimum-wage wards.

But that's okay - the hamster has that one covered too.

It would be interesting to compare the life trajectories of adults who were raised in a traditional home to those who were shunted into daycare. But an empirical study of that nature would never happen because the results would contradict the official narrative.

James Wolfe said...

I grew up on a farm, not a big industrial farm but a small family farm of about 3 acres. We didn't have a tractor or any fancy equipment to do all the work for us. We had to borrow a neighbors tractor to plow and disc the soil. After that it was all manual labor. The only piece of powered equipment we had was a tiller you had to walk behind and pull with every ounce of strength you had so that it would dig deep and not go beating it's way along the surface.

We had to till, plant, hoe, fertilize, and water most of it by hand. We had three gardens on different sides of two creeks. The one on the hill was too high and far away to water from the well so we had to haul buckets up and down the hill from the creek. And when it came time to harvest we picked and we dug, beans, corn, potatoes, etc. Me and my brother we hated it.

My dad was a school teacher during most of the year and a farmer during the summer, and when he wasn't working in the field he was working construction jobs to make a little extra income so we could spend one week in a cheap motel at the beach in SC. It had air conditioning which was a joy to us in August, we had none at home.

And while we hated working in the sun, carrying water buckets, and digging potatoes, we never thought to call it slavery. We called it putting food on our table. My kids don't know anything like that. They come home from school and sit in their rooms and text each other on their iPhones and stream YouTube videos and watch Netflix on their tablets and laptops. I don't make them do anything except get up and go to school in the morning.

As all old folks will say, kids today have it easy. And its true now more than ever.

Stryker said...

" And before you start making accusations of cynicism, ask yourself this question - have you ever seen or forced your own kid to participate in the Christmas service at church? Forcing them to memorize hymns they don't understand and play the manger scene?

Was that for their benefit, god's benefit, or yours?"

Just like I "force" my kids to learn to read and write, to groom and dress themselves,to clean up after themselves and to learn to make responsible decisions.

I like your blog. However, it seems you have suffered much under some kind of religious hypocrisy. Don't paint us all with that brush lest you end up appearing ill informed.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite shocking how much people will lie to themselves, the people they supposedly love, and others, and all because they wanted to avoid some pain they could have overcome with a [i]tiny[/i] bit of character.

Ah, but to witness their suffering. God's justice truly does exist in this world. Another great post, cap'n.

Amethyst said...

To be fair to the Cap'n, I think he's confusing Christianity with Churchianity, the feminised social club where divorced and single mothers go to hear about how "brave" they are and where married women go to hear about how little their husbands do for them. And where the word "submission" will never be uttered on pain of death and excommunication by the Sisterhood of Feminuns and the Brotherhood of Manginamonks.

This very NSFW song pretty much sums up modern Christianity in a nutshell:

Captain Capitalism said...

I believe I have to further explain on this religious thing since it has everybody up in arms.

1. Never did I say this was all Christians or other religious people. only the majority of which I have ran into. As you know I am friends with Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc., as long as they don't proselytize. I know there are good religious folk, I do NOT believe they account for the majority.

2. My experiences are my experiences. I cannot deny them. A nd the majority of my experience with the church and religious people has been one of a scam and a racket.

3. For those of you who are good parents, why are you yelling at me? Did I not qualify my statements about children being outsources by the poor parents? Please do not lump yourself in with my intended target.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget sports. I have seen countless kids forced into sports they have no interest in.

Anonymous said...

Even funnier, those student loans get securitized and end up in Pension funds for the geezers to draw on later.

Glen Filthie said...

With respect to religion - it goes the other way too. My mother was a leftist cnut who was dead set against it. As kids We got the wooden spoon all the time - but the only time I got the strap was when the local Christians had a day program for kids and I went after being told not to. They had games and activities for young kids to teach them about the bible and when my mother found out I got strapped - and the same lecture you just gave. The church was out to control my mind, steal my money and my freedom and my soul, blah blah blah.

Christianity is an alternative form of gov't, Aaron. You may or may not agree with it and that's fine - but they do a lot of GOOD things too. Used to be that if you fell on hard times their charity would save your ass - because the gov't sure as hell wouldn't!

Yes, you are a little too cynical with Christianity. They do good things too.

Anonymous said...

This is harsh but accurate. The brilliance, nay genius, of this form of slavery is that the slaves are largely unaware of their status. As you point out they quickly catch on and are understandably bitter when the pill goes down. We can only hope the next generation avoids this trap.

Before having children I would urge all young couples to resolve these two divorce makers.

1) Who is going to stay home and take care of the children?

Daycare is delusional unless both parents are making more than $70,000 per year. Don't believe me? Add up a year of daycare, throw in the loss of the non-working spouse tax deduction, add in normal yearly working expenses and then tack on twenty percent --- opportunity costs. Even if you can afford decent daycare you are still depriving your children of a loving parent. I learned this the hard way.

2) Do you send your children to increasingly useless and decaying public schools or do you go the private or home schooling route?

Good schools are expensive either in your time or old fashioned moola. Modern public schools, as the Captain has repeatedly pointed out, are unionized lobotomoriums. Exposing children to such a toxic environment should be seen for what it is: child abuse.

John K. said...

Dear Mr. Clarey,
Thanks for your blog and your book: Enjoy the Decline. I fear your comments may be largely correct: e.g. descriptive for an unfortunately large majority of the US population. However, your average readership deviates from that group.

I used to be very involved with evangelical Christianity, but left as I felt the very committed groups I was in were simply using people. Although I’ve several scientific degrees and now work doing numerical analysis, as a hobby I study history, particularly Roman. Seeing how secular Roman Emperors directed the path of Christianity and decided what was to be included in the Bible further convinced me not to take Christian doctrine literally.

Sometimes I wonder how parents can be so cruel to their little ones. Not all of them of course but many. I never noticed this until having one of my own: who’s currently 3& ½ years old. I thought all fathers were motivated by a desire to be better fathers to their little ones than their fathers were to them. However, with the current breakup of the white family, following the breakup of the black family from 1965 & on (the date of the famous Moynihan Report), it may be a stretch to hope for even that small improvement.

One thing I’d like to point out is that prior to having our little one, we were always told of how difficult it would be and how badly our lives would change. Nothing prepared us for the joy that a little one, perhaps properly brought up or particularly inquisitive, can bring. Beyond just joy, children are a continuity, and some of them do appreciate their parents. Thus discouraging all from having children may not be appropriate for some.

Anonymous said...

I am from an older generation than most of your readers. We had children because remote controls for TVs were not invented yet.

CS said...

Your comments on the use of religion are interesting. And from the perspective of someone without religion, looking at most of what calls itself "religious" I think what you say makes much sense. People today seem to endeavor to brainwash their children into becoming "mini me's" and train them to parrot their religious, political and whatever other outlook they have. Indeed - many use their children as props in their own ego gratification, even in this regard. However, I have to wonder how many truly Bible believing Christians you come in contact with. But - even if you do come into contact with many - sadly, many who claim to believe what the bible teaches fail miserably when it comes to living by it. In fact, the bible itself teaches that we all fail to live by it, by one degree or another.

If you haven't ascertained this by now, let me state unequivocally that I am a bible believing Christian - and this is what has prompted me to comment. It is very easy for outsiders to judge the faith by the actions of its adherents, but Christianity is unique among what the world calls religions in that the whole point is that all of us have failed to live up to God's standard.

What strikes me about your comments on religion is that your view makes sense from the point of view of one who does not believe. But you seem to have a blind spot for the possibility that one who believes, actually believes that their God is the one true God and that the only way to salvation is through belief in that God. While leaving our Children free to choose for themselves sounds like a just and libertarian ideal - for those of us who believe that their eternal souls are at stake, it sounds just a bit risky. However, this is not to say that brainwashing or forced adherence make any sense, even for the believer. The bible clearly teaches that one must choose to follow Christ. In this sense, every true Christian must be a convert. He has to come, at some point in his life, to the conclusion that he is a sinner and he needs to work of Christ to justify himself to God. Brainwashing may prove useful in inducing a child to parrot the right words in this regard, but it cannot produce true belief. And without true belief, the child is still lost (as is anyone else, of course).

That said, I find it to be my duty to teach my kids about the bible - about what God has said and what God has done - but their faith has to be left up to them. I pray for them daily, that they will accept the work of Christ and become believers, but I cannot force this on them. It doesn't work that way.

kurt9 said...

It is very easy for outsiders to judge the faith by the actions of its adherents,

Of course I judge people by their actions. I find rhetoric meaningless.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with many of the posters here that Cap's take on the religious parenting is relatively limited. I also reject the "my experiences are my experiences" rebuttal, that is a form of confirmation bias and not worthy of his normally great posting.