Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Why I Throw My Hands Up In Futility

It's kind of like cancer.  After a while the body just gives up because it's coming from all sides and it's obvious the host no longer has the will to live.


Cogitans Iuvenis said...

Unless the military is somehow trying to sneak a bug into their software I can't understand why we are doing this.

dienw said...

This is total, absolute, treasonous insanity.

We no longer have a competent military, let alone government; the other option - the other option is that the administration and the forces behind it are deliberately seeking the destruction of this country: I am 95% there.

Anonymous said...

If the Chinese make their satellites of the same quality they make the cheap, pot-metal "steel" nails I have to buy at Home Depot, those satellites won't remain in orbit for long.

Chinese ANYTHING sucks.

Except Chinese food, made in the USA.

Joe said...

To some degree, since all downlinks can be received anywhere in the footprint, it may not matter. It's also not certain that they would waste leasable transponder capacity downlinking US military traffic from the satellite, even if had cross-transmitting capabilities in their communication satellites.
The fact remains that they can get at least one side of the stream from a single location anyway. In fact anyone with a satellite antenna can. They can certainly downlink both sides of the stream from two geographic locations.

The question is whether or not the Chinese can decrypt the transmissions.

Otherwise, it could also be a valuable way to but them off the path of decryption by intermittently transmitting garbage data in outdated or phony encryption modes.

Eric S. Mueller said...

AFRICOM can use Chinese Satellites, but I can't use Bluetooth headphones in the office. Because of INFOSEC, which is applied in an arbitrary and capricious manner.

Anonymous said...

Meh, not enough effort to get angry about. I would... but what do I gain?