Wednesday, May 08, 2013

From 0 to Assault Charges in 30 seconds

In a previous post of mine I left out a lot of detail because the nature of the post required it. However, there was a sub-story of legitimate worth that would have detracted from the primary one and it is now that I wish to share this sub-story with you.

Without going into detail, my friend and I were at a downtown party.  This is one of those deals where they close off the street and in a municipal politician's Keynesian wet-dream attract tourists and locals to support the local economy.  I got wind of a salsa club half a block from the "sectioned off block" and then set off to find some dance partners for me and my buddy.

I approached I believe 5 different groups of girls/women with the honest and polite intention of merely scoring some dance partners.  However, one stood out because of the lightning speed at which the situation deteriorated to the point I knew to step back otherwise the law would get involved. 

At a distance they looked to be upper 20's maybe even early 30's.  But as I approached improved vision showed me they were younger 20's.  Already committed to the flight path I followed through and made my approach.

"Howdy!" I said, only to receive blank stares from the three girls that populated this group.

"Me and my buddy are looking for some dance partners.  Found a salsa joint just a block south of here and wondering if you girls would be interested."

Two of the three girls were silent, but the third (and prettiest) one spoke up with such an arrogant tone that it stirred an agitated darwinian response in my psyche.

"  I'm not interested in dancing with you."

I paused for what seemed to be an eternity, but (in hindsight) recouped probably lightning fast to this condescending response.

"Who says I'm asking you?" as I put my arm around her slightly overweight, but shy redhead friend.  "I'm asking the redhead."

The two silent girls were...well...silent.  But the blond, obviously insulted by my "game on" response, got angry.

"Nice try.  It's time for you to leave."

Somewhat angered myself I said, "What if they (referring to her two shy friends) want to dance?  We only need two, not you."

And that's when the situation really started to deteriorate.

"You better get out of here or I'll kick your ass."

And her face was serious.

It wasn't that I was intimidated by a dime-a-dozen cutesy 20 something girl, it was the audacity any woman (girl really) would threaten to kick my ass for what was a request to take her and her friends salsa dancing.

Again, it seemed like an eternity.

To recoup from the outlandishness I just got threatened by a 20 something child, and to assess the now rapidly escalating volatile situation, and to predict where the current path was taking us (me to jail, her to the plaintiff's desk)  and to concoct the precise words that needed saying, seemed to take forever.  But again in hindsight, it was lightning fast.

"Yeah, you and your 90 pound ass." as I then proceeded to look away and disengage.

This exchange transpired in what was no more than 30 seconds, but it was a very valuable 30 seconds that not only I learned from, but every young man should learn from as well.  A fair amount of American women have been brought up so spoiled, entitled, impolite and easily-offended, there is now a HUGE risk is merely approaching women.

I'm not saying not to approach.

I'm not saying not to make your play.

I am saying that girls today, with society spoiling them for every one of their 20 youthful years, can go from 0 to "Assault Charges" in literally under 30 seconds.  And you NEED TO CONSTANTLY ASSESS THE SITUATION and know when your innocent attempt to score a dance partner is RAPIDLY turning into an unwanted advance from a guy and thus an excuse to feed the "drama-queen monster" a reason to file a faux complaint of harassment to the local constable.

I hate to sound old, but this REALLY DIDN'T HAPPEN IN MY DAY.  At least the Gen X'er women would politely turn you down or just say no.  It never, once in my (probably) thousands of approaches deteriorated to the point so quickly that a violent event would have consequented in under 30 seconds.

But there is another lesson I want all of you to pull from this.

And it is not to brag, but to clearly paint the picture of what was really going on.

Me - salsa dancing, ballroom dancing, fossil hunting, economist who writes books, goes on great motorcycling escapades blah blah blah.

My buddy - millionaire pilot who lives DT St. Petersburg, can fly wherever he wants, whenever he wants, drives a luxury car, etc. etc.

Both - in great shape, financially better off than most, etc. etc. 

How much do you want to bet these girls in 15 years from now in their late 30's, early 40's are bitching and whining "where are all the good men" when there were two accomplished (by the veritable definition) men


Again, there are times where I wonder if maybe if we men are in the wrong, and our advice no longer applies, but it is instances like these that only reforge and reinforce there is a war on, and we didn't start it.

But by god and by damn we will finish it.


kashdoller said...

Hey man by no means am I forgiving her disgusting behavior, but if they were early 20s, how old are you? Mid 30s? Early 40s? Do you think her behavior would of been different if you were her age? Also what do you look like? Overweight and ugly or fit and attractive? This stuff matters.

Again not making excuses for her grandiose attitude, but these are details that should be disclosed to fully come to an opinion here. to the radio said...

Maybe the blonde was a lesbernan.

Anonymous said...

I would have laughed in her face. That shit is ridic.

Anonymous said...

When she said, "You better leave or I'll kick your ass," she crossed the line and was threatening you. I would have continued talking to the other girls.

Pampered and spoiled is exactly right.

Amethyst said...

You're doing it all wrong. You should have invested in a couple of fake tattoos and some rough looking biker jackets and then walked up to the women and said "Hi, my buddy and I just got of prison. We don't know our way around here very well. You know a good place to party?" They would have been on you like cling wrap.

Dave said...

It sounds like the arms race between entitled bitches and pick-up artists has reached its logical conclusion: courtship is dead. Fortunately, it's no longer needed because women can vote themselves EBT, government jobs, and higher taxes on blue-balled beta men.

When that reaches its logical conclusion, single women will perform sex acts for a living, or pimp out their underage daughters. This already happens in Russia -- google "sandra orlow" for example.

Anonymous said...

Cappy, the first post was bad enough. This is too much.
Granted, there's a war on. How will we finish it? As Churchill said after lend-lease was passed:"Give us the tools and we will finish the job". I expect this will require some unconventional thought and tactics. Part of the answer may be in a priciple that you've already stated, men want sex and women want attention. Could we deprive them of that attention?

Unknown said...

Some of us will be cheering you on from the sidelines, and sticking out a foot to trip up the occasional skank when the opportunity presents itself.

Anonymous said...

I envy you--never married and wise beyond your years. American women aren't worth the effort. I know; I was married to one for nearly eight years. American women are entitled, selfish boors, and the moral and legal responsibilities of marriage fall solely on men when they marry these harpies. I hope marriage craters even further than I think it will in the next 10 to 15 years. If only 20% of "marriageable" men refuse a walk down the aisle in the next decade-and-a-half, then things will start to get interesting. When the global economic collapse occurs in the near future (just how does America cover the $90 trillion unfunded liability burden and just how does the EU remain solvent?), a lot of upper middle class white spinsters are going to be pissed.

Uncle Silas

beta_plus said...

Thank god it wasn't just me.

I was hanging out with a friend around Dupont Circle in DC (big night spot - probably similar to where you were with more Corinthian Columns). Now this guy is a natural. Good looking but not stunning guy, 5'8", sub-continent descent, LIFE OF EVERY PARTY. He's the guy I want to be. Everyone has a good time when he shows up. He's hilarious and makes everyone feel good.

We are debating to go into a bar called lucky bar when a big bachelorette party comes out. All of the girls are overweight. The bride to be immediately puts Mardi Gras beads over us with us barely saying "Hi". A few seconds later, the mother hen comes out and starts screaming at us about "not earning the beads" or some nonsense. My friend puts his arm around the bride to be and says "Don't worry about, we're harmless, we're gay". Now, I'm probably not doing him justice, but I would normally have burst out laughing, but after what I had read I just smiled and held it in.

The mother hen continues to rant and rave in a drunken rage. She probably didn't get enough attention that night. She was overweight too.

We say something (not sure what) and walk away.

This is happening more and more to me. Girls will steal food off my plate. Girl DJs (When did this start?) accuse me of harassment when we ask for a nice celtic sounding tune to celebrate the capture of the Boston Marathon bombers on my friend from New England's birthday.

And the attitude is moving up the age groups. You get this stuff from older women as well.

I'm reading more and more stories about this around the manosphere.

Matt said...

Can't you just picture Donna Reed saying, "You better get out of here or I'll kick your ass." My how far we've come since the fifties.

The only man who will tame a beast like that is a man who is prone to violence since that's what she's obviously attracted to.

Bill Burr did a routine about why women are prone to saying or doing violent things. It's because they can get away with it. You talk that way to another man, and there's a good chance a fight will break out. But a women can talk that way to a man, and if something broke out, fifteen white knights would come to her rescue, the cops would be called, and somebody would stomp on your face.

I'm curious how the Captain thinks we're going to finish this war. I think the only way forward is for men to walk away, and leave these women to themselves. If an entire generation of women suffer adulthood by themselves, maybe the next generation of women will wise up.

Anonymous said...

Used to be that while women expected not to get hurt by a man, they weren't so stupid as to directly threaten one. They understood that special dispensation only goes so far. Act like a man, get your ass kicked like one.

Backed by the modern feminist legal system, they feel no restraint at all, knowing the cops will arrest her, rather than him, only in the most egregious of circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I think that the culture of feminazi "Grrl pwwwrrr!" crap is reinforced by hollywood commie morons who don't understand physics or biology. Pretty much every action movie now has some 95-pound hot chick who can outfight dozens of guys ten times her size. Equality, baby! Every action TV show has the same stuff-womyn can assault a man and nothing happens to her. One episode (of far too many to count) that stands out in my mind is from a crappy show called bones. The main character is walking when a large, strong black guy puts his hand on her shoulder (I think he even says "excuse me"). She Judo-twists his arm in a painful lock and beats the living crap out of him until he grunts that she merely left her bag and he wanted to return it. Naturally, nothing happens to her. In real life, male-female fights almost never end that way, due to the biological differences between the genders. I do hope that all the miserable mangina idiot producers who create this crap get hit by a meteorite.

Penrose said...

Assholes are their own punishments. You were better off walking away. It's better to find out you're dealing with a cunt sooner rather later.

Pax Empyrean said...

I wish you could have let her attack you and then given her a reminder about why spoiled 90 pound girls shouldn't physically attack grown men, but given our legal system, mocking her and walking away is a whole lot less risky for you.

earl said...

Evil men started the war...the Rockefellers. Women followed their brainwashing.

adiaforon said...

Scary, very scary.

And sad. More reinforcement not to go out on the town anymore, especially as I get older.

Joe Bar said...

So glad I'm old and been married for 30 years.

Ecclesiastes said...

You might still get charged with assault. How long ago was this?

August said...

So I have gone from the Southern gentleman's 'thou shalt never hit a woman' to thinking you'd do her and the world good if you punched her in the face.

I remember a story that caused me similar aggravation- a girl cuts the line at the movies. The guy protests- she holds up her cell phone and says she'll call the cops on him.

They aren't learning anything. Every normal guy gives them a pass. There are still psychos out there, but they won't be learning any lesson from them.

Fred Z said...

Two points.

Firstly, they run a tight monopolistic seller's market. They got it, we want it, and we'll pay a high price to get it it, including putting up with offensive behaviour.

Secondly, 95% of everything is crap, including people.

I shall leave the conclusions to the student, as my old math profs used to say.

Newly Aloof said...

Those girls were probably so vapid, they thought you wanted to dance with them while eating salsa and chips.

Anonymous said...

not sure where you're located, but there are huge differences is female friendliness from area to area. go to phoenix and have fun.

also i think this b is pretty isolated, there are fewer and fewer options for women as men see them for what they are, and younger guys have no resources right now anyway. i am seeing more and more opportunity out there and i am not rich or in fantastic shape.

there are millions of 'em, and none of them are that special. roll on and keep it all in perspective.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about this, Capt. On the one hand you weren't "wrong" per se to walk up to strange women and ask them to dance. But it was kind of lame to stick around and try to argue with one of them, especially the one who perceives herself to be the Queen Bee.

I mean, the other two by their very silence were signaling they agreed with her statements, which means your intrusion was unwanted by the whole group.

Some people just are not open to having complete strangers talk to them.

Also, the age thing. Going by your pics here I'd put you at around 40 give or take a few years up or down.

Don't you think its kind of undignified and age-inappropriate behavior on your part?

Anonymous said...

Overweight and ugly or fit and attractive? This stuff matters

No it doesn't. She issued a threat. Even unattractive people don't deserve threats.

Captain Capitalism said...

For those that keep asking, yes, I am good looking. I don't say that out of opinion, but fact.

I posted a normal looking picture on and received an 8.6. Since that picture was posted I have improved my physique so it is much likely higher now.

Anonymous said...

For a second I had a vision of her saying that to some bulked up wild man, maybe a Russian immigrant wanna be boxer with the last name Tsarnaev... without missing a beat he steps back, winds up, and smashes her directly in the face with about half the strength he would use on another man. The punch caves her bitch face in, broken nose, broken jaw, broken orbitals, a total implosion. He runs off into the night never to be seen again while the bitch crumples to the ground on her way to coma land.

Obviously only a brute would do something so vicious, definitely not some nice American beta or a dude with game on vacation who doesn't feel like going to jail for 10 years.

You did the right thing, just walk away and let the bitch whine about all the creeps who want to fuck her for the next 10 or 15 years until her pussy dries up and she slams into the wall.

Differ said...

from a telegraph article on Richard Feynman:
He became something of a womaniser, dating undergraduates and hanging out with show girls and prostitutes in Las Vegas. In a celebrated book of anecdotes about his life – Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman – the scientist recounts how he applied an experimental approach to chatting up women. Having assumed, like most men, that you had to start by offering to buy them a drink, he explains how a conversation with a master of ceremonies at a nightclub in Albuquerque one summer prompted him to change tactics. And to his surprise, an aloof persona proved far more successful than behaving like a gentleman.
Staying frosty...

Anonymous said...

Lol captain, I love ya but you're average looking at best. 5'8 twinks are not good looking.

Captain Capitalism said...

Sorry, Anon,

If you trust my intellectual honest (or at least adhere to the logic) a survey of women who are unpassionate and have no vest interest in the outcome of my looks rated me an 8.6. You are merely one data point.

I'm certainly not a model, but I am handsome.


peternolan9 said...

And this is how we are going to finish it captain. Create a second economy outside the jurisdiction of the guvment. That includes our own courts and our own peace officers.

peternolan9 said...

And this is how we are going to finish it captain. Create a second economy outside the jurisdiction of the guvment. That includes our own courts and our own peace officers.

Anonymous said...

"Also, the age thing. Going by your pics here I'd put you at around 40 give or take a few years up or down.

Don't you think its kind of undignified and age-inappropriate behavior on your part?"

This was once known as the crime of "Reckless Eyeballing" for which many African Americans were hanged. Some people believe that certain demographics aren't good enough to talk to pretty young white girls.

Glad to see the tradition continues on some circles.

Anonymous said...

Em, you do realise "looking for some dance partners, a salsa joint just a block south of here" sounds exactly like a cheesy pick-up line, right? What have happened there was the angry blonde misjudged your character, but instead of clearing things up you just escalated to a step away from rape attempt. The blonde actually did examplary job handling the situtation (considering data she had). Review the incident from someone's who don't know your motivation point of view and you'll see it (maybe).

I was pretty confident american feminists are worthless human garbage trying to police society according to their delusional belief system. Now I'm starting to think they're on to something.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you break dance with your buddy instead ?

Anonymous said...

Those last two comments... Wow.

I hate to break it to you, but in southern California, that attitude was common by the early 90's. I'm about your age, and my friends and I have been putting up with it since high school.