Friday, May 17, 2013

A Feminist's Dream Come True

Ah, yes.  Argentina.

A woman in power (by her own merits of course, not because she was married to the previous president).

A compliant leftist parliament.

Hot latin guys.

And non-western culture.

A feminist's dream come true.

What could possibly go wrong in this wondrous utopia!?

Heh heh.  Just you wait.


Anonymous said...

This whack jobs bullshit is just a more mature version of what the idiot in the WH is attempting to do.

Rumbear said...

Good thing this could never happen here in the US of A!





Anonymous said...

You leave her alone! She's just a fiery Latina feeling her power and femininity!

James Wolfe said...

She has millions of beta orbiters to enable her grrl power!

Vogel said...

I just want to see it all burn.