Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Martin Crutsinger Must Be Assassinated


Don't you know the media is here to serve the democrat party and destroy the US!?!?!!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING POINTING OUT SUCH FACTS AND TRUTHS!?  Don't your superiors at the Star Tribune know what you are doing???  And what incompetent editor let your vile, fact-based reality through!!!????

I'm sorry, you will have to be terminated for being an actual journalist, holding to standards, seeking the truth, trying to help America and acting as the genuine 4th branch of government not being the democrat party's bitch.


Penrose said...

Did that just happen?

Anonymous said...

The three biggest douche bags in society are lawyers, politicians and the media. No surprise that they're the ones doing all the damage to this country...other than the low information voters, that is.

Anonymous said...

The article says, "The Congressional Budget Office last week estimated that this year's deficit will drop to $643 billion, an improvement that reflects increased revenue from a stronger economy and the effect of tax increases that took effect in January."

What they don't mention is that a lot of people were worried about the increase in federal estate taxes January of 2013 so made gifts to their future heirs in 2012. That tax is payable in 2013 so will "increase the revenue" but this is a one time increase in tax revenues that will decrease tax revenue later.