Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bachelor Work Camps, The Soccer Mom Myth and More

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Anonymous said...

They say it costs $1 million to raise a kid to age 18 nowadays. Remember, a dollar today will not be worth a dollar in 10 or 15 years. Fifty cents maybe, but not a dollar. So 1 million divided by 18 years equals $55,555 per year. The average 18-19 year old prostitute wants $300 for an "hour" of her time. So, 55,555 divided 300 equals 185. That means you could see 3 different prostitutes per week for the next 18 years instead of settling down with one woman who will ultimately become a fat bitch nagging the hell out of you. Now, why would you want to get married and have kids? Because you worry about who'd take care of you when you get older? Go watch the movie "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood to see what will happen. Pay special attention to the young grand daughter he catches smoking in his garage, and particularly, at the end of the movie when the will is being read. Now that is reality.

Anonymous said...

"Now, why would you want to get married and have kids? Because you worry about who'd take care of you when you get older?"

Yep. Worst reason in the world.

I advise any man thinking along those lines to consider this alternative.

In the first place, stay fit and healthy -- yes, even into old age. This is easier to do if you stay single because you will have much more time to yourself.

Second, if and when you do ever start to feel weak, and if you have not already done so, move to Thailand or Vietnam or the Philippines or whatever low-cost destination you prefer, and hire a nurse as your housekeeper.

Unknown said...

Not even putting a FAQ on your website will stop being from asking you stupid questions about college!

I'll try keeping my emails much shorter in the future though. I have a bad habit of having a lot to say that I've been trying to break and cutting down paragraphs. Sorry about that.

Coolstud said...

Its crazy, people need to realize whats going on these days. Too high debt will destroy this country if it not solved. In terms of the milf/cougar thing well its sorta true, the thing is that those chicks need to look great, not anti male, a lady and really love sex. Not a older fat chick who wear clothes like a young chick and expect some young dick.

Anonymous said...

Aaron: Sure, harangue the youngin's re more self responsibility, as part of your brand.

As an information marketer, though, what you're complaining about (people won't read my book) means there might be an opportunity to create more products or services, for different channels of buying. Enjoy the decline, while expanding the empire!