Saturday, May 04, 2013

Tasteful Risqueness

Again, the ole Captain is NOT against you ladies sending in pictures of you "enjoying 'Enjoying the Decline'."

Get it?

ENJOY Enjoying the Decline???

The pun I mean.

Because the word "enjoy" which is the active verb references the exact same word in the title?

Ya get it?  The punchline I mean.

Anyway go buy Enjoy the Decline.  Available on Kindle and on Paperback.

And no, I don't know how pretty girls help sell books, but somehow they do.


Lucas Darr said...

Man, I need a plethora of Pretty Young Things holding my book.


Leap of a Beta said...

Captain Capitalism- proving that any artist or writer can get some groupies if he knows how to work it. Even when self professed taken and not looking

Anonymous said...

mmmmm ... you sure as Hell are doing sumthin right there, Cap'n!

Reluctant Paladin said...

The 'tasteful' part is what really sells it. Its so rare these days to find dames that know how to flaunt it and not look like whores. Pardon my French.

Anonymous said...

Gotta give you this:


He basically says that women are too harsh on themselves because men look at "unrealistic" model pictures.

He is a divorced dad who hawks ads for a butt pillow on his site...very sad.

Someone hook him up to a red pill IV now!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if previous comment made it through:


Anonymous said...

Looks like Enjoy the Decline is enjoying itself...

Puns don't work well for you Cap'n,; stick to honest social commentary.

Anonymous said...

WHATEVER she is selling, I am buying! WOW.
Amazing how much more impact a photo of a pretty woman has.
...maybe it is Euphoric Recall kicking in??

Anonymous said...

She looks decent, average looking. But I don't find what particular feature of her face makes her "pretty". Thin lips, long rather large nose, smallish eyes. Again, not bad or ugly. There is just no particularly pretty feature on her face. But its good to read a mens' blog and mens' comments that are not overly picky or having unrealistic beauty standards. Glad to see that men think an average looking female is still attractive.

Captain Capitalism said...

OK, lets see you get an equivalent or better looking amatuer girl to post a picture.