Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Man Flint

Just ordered it for myself.

How can't you like James Coburn?

Plus the theme song is very bachelor-pady.


Anonymous said...

I just saw that on TV a few days ago. I am stunned that the network execs even permit it to be remembered, let alone broadcast.

When I first saw it as a young adolescent dude, it made a very big impact on how I saw the world. Much cooler than 007.

‘Reality’ Doug said...

Thanks, CC. I am going to watch the DVD from the library. Never knew about this film, and it came out just as feminism was metastasizing. What marketing balls or ignorance!

LordSomber said...

Have you seen "The President's Analyst"?

Trippy scene with Coburn in a Beatle wig beating on a gong:

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Don't forget "The President's Analyst". Another Coburn classic!

Scott in Hamilton, Ontario said...

You'll likely find yourself watching "Our Man..." a lot more than the sequel. The first movie was great fun, and I can't fathom how the Flint franchise could feel so played out by the end of the sequel - weak script and poor execution is partly to blame; but it still has its moments. I wish they'd tried for a third instalment to have Flint really go out with a bang (all innuendo intended!).

Unknown said...

President's Analyst! One of the best movies ever made!