Thursday, May 16, 2013

You're Better Off Playing Video Games and Drinking in Your Mom's Basement...

than majoring in the liberal arts.

And I'm not joking about that either.  You WILL be better off.


Stingray said...

Do you think apprenticeships will make a comeback?

Eric S. Mueller said...

My STEM degree in Information Technology combined with my military technical experience has done well for my career.

I do not envy "liberal arts" students.

S.Lynn said...

Just bought Worthless and Share the Decline for my son who will be out of the Navy next year. He plans to start school afterwards so it should be a good read while he's away. They're out of jets to work on and he's got lots of extra time for working out, playing video games and reading. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of why the Newf male thinks he's Jesus Christ.

1. He has 12 drinking buddies.
2. He lives at home until he is 30.
3. His mother thinks he's God.

patriarchal landmine said...

you're better off playing video games and drinking in your mom's basement.


V10 said...

Some colleges and universities charge a small fee to audit classes, and/or require you to formally register for the class in that capacity. YMMV, but the essentials of the video are correct.

Anonymous said...

Got two undeegrad liberal arts degrees, am mid twenties out of college. Starting salary was high and the same as my engineering grad friends. I am the only one I know in this situation, and I am here because of the connections game.

Many entered, I won, and suggest that if you are not thevery best at your liberal art in a marketable way, that you play a different game.

Anonymous said...

(Cliff Arroyo)

If you're just doing this for shits and giggles then keep on keepin' on.

If, as it appears, you're looking to turn this into some kind of revenue stream (I approve) you might find it a good idea to tone things down a little in the beginning.

Most listeners don't want to be yelled at for 5 minutes in the beginning because you're mad at someone else. If you build up to the yelling so the listener is one your side by the time you let loose then that can be very entertaining, but catching someone else's shit is not an opening that a lot of people will keep coming back to and that's shame cause you had some very good/interesting stuff later on.

On the positive side there was far less phlegm clearing than in some previous casts (the goal is to eliminate them entirely).

Anonymous said...

(Cliff Arroyo)

Sorry, looks like I posted this to the wrong thread, it was supposed to be after the latest podcast.

Feel free to rip on me for several minutes at the beginning of your next podcast.

Captain Capitalism said...

Eh, naw. We like you too much Cliff.