Wednesday, May 08, 2013

When You Have to Divorce Yourself from the Country

"...don’t think your country is too good to follow that path. There’s nothing magical about a patch of dirt that prevents it from such ends. The Roman Republic was just as prominent and successful as the United States. Look what happened."

Some pretty heavy writing.

On a related note, again, the 50's were superior and you will wish we had such a culture today.


Just Saying said...

I plan on renouncing my US Citizenship and moving to another country - there are several with various beneficial advantages - the biggest being the tax benefit, and the fact that big-brother government isn't constantly snooping on your financials. At the moment almost no banks out of the US will touch a US citizen because it costs too much and is too much of a hassle.

Couple that with the outrageous taxes and lack of freedoms, and basically the US isn't worth it...

I like your apartment analogy - it fits quite well... The landlord constantly has his hand out, nickel and diming you everything he can, and you get nothing for it other than increase hassles and problems. Time to look for a new place to live...

Anonymous said...

I knew by 1993 I had to leave, and I have been in Mexico for some time. I hope to live here until I die.

But, let me add a correction to the linked article. I find much more PERSONAL freedom here than in the US. When people talk about freedom in the US, I must question if they have any idea what freedom really is.

TSA, both in airports and on highways is freedom?

IRS, claiming your world-wide income, is freedom?

Government monitoring all e-mail traffic and all phone conversations is freedom?

Being treated like a child abuser because you are near children in a park is freedom?

Um, no, I don't think so.

Anonymous age 71

Eric S. Mueller said...

I need to retain my citizenship for my current employment. I'm hoping at some point I can structure my life so it's easier to be "portable" and just go where I want when I want like Simon Black.

Whether through deliberate act or gross incompetence, America is effectively over. It's just a matter of time until the parasite finally kills the host. I'm enjoying the decline.