Saturday, May 04, 2013

"Evil" is the "New Good!"

Oh, the sarcasm and cynicism is just priceless. 

True, but priceless.


Unknown said...

Kinda disturbing, but Tom Leykis has said on his program that if you really wanna get laid, then you have to be a dick to get there. I dunno how much of that is true, but that's the first thing I thought reading the link.

Reluctant Paladin said...

Maybe if I post a picture of myself in an organge jumpsuit on my Ok Cupid profile.

Ecclesiastes said...

I don't detect any sarcasm or irony.

Well, I don't.

beta_plus said...

I remember a comment somewhere (can't remember where) of a guy who said he generated attraction with girls by showing them his concealed carry permit.

patriarchal landmine said...

"This country is filled with men who cannot get laid. Often it’s their own fault. They have let themselves go. They are slackers. Their standards are too high."

stopped reading there

Anonymous said...

Rihanna's case is not as implied in the linked article.

Another case of the feminists managing to rewrite the facts of a case. I am not surprised that the MSM would cover up the facts, but the MRM also? Unbelievable.

Rihanna got angry about something her man had in the car, and attacked him around the head and shoulders with her high heeled shoes, which can be lethal in the hands of an angry insane woman.

They were on the highway at speed, and he did what any man would do who wanted to survive. One mighty punch directly in her face.

Rihanna is an extremely dangerous, psycho who got exactly what she deserved.

Anonymous age 71

Anonymous said...

Beta_plus @408:

Possessing a concealed carry permit is not evidence of evil intent. It's kind of the opposite (evidence of evil behavior is disqualifying for the permit).