Friday, May 03, 2013

Krauser Enjoys the Decline!

New review on Enjoy the Decline.

Why aren't you enjoying the decline?


Stumped By Classroom Math said...

Aaron, (or anyone else), regarding your "I'm bad at math" video, and people who say that being lazy, I have to disagree. I struggled with math as a kid but I wished that I had gotten it. I always viewed it as something almost mystical and that if I just had the right person explain it to me in ways my brain could get, then I could have mastered it.

I have always recognized pattern in design and architecture since very young and was and still am one of those people who count tiles to see if they end in odd or even numbers and stuff like that and then divide them and put them into number groups and stuff like that. However I was unable to recognize patterns in math.

Math to me was something that could not be linearly broken down into patterns, unlike the environment around me.

What do you have to say about at? Ever heard of such a way of thinking before?

Acksiom said...

Because it's still priced too high relative to my other available reading choices.

Revo Luzione said...

Krauser's a legit deep thinker & great writer.

I dig his review of your book.