Friday, May 10, 2013

How Hyphenated American Studies Hurt Minorities


Anonymous said...

Ok, I got a weird question. The Captain might be displeased (or not?). How can I get my hands on running a hedge fund? Basically, in this bullshit environment, working until you retire and then drop dead, I'd rather make my money more quickly (not necessarily easy, I don't think that this will be quick and easy, more like quicker than usual and pretty damn hard) :) .


Quartermain said...

The thing that really burns my butt about those studies classes is that it teaches people that life is hard on them because they're :

A. a Negro
B. a Hispanic
C. a homosexual
D. a girl
E. fill in the blank

When the truth be known, that life is hard on them because that's the nature of life.

Anonymous said...

One thing that is really evil about these classes is the teaching of "white privilege". It's taught as a given that white skin = advantage. It doesn't matter is a person is of low intelligence & poor, if they're white, Bingo!, automatic advantage over a smart minority.

Bill said...

My dear Captain Capitalism. Letting your audience know who's in charge is important otherwise their minds will wander and wither. I implore you to come to the camera properly dressed, i.e., wearing your captain's forage cap. Be a good officer now and put it on.

Captain Bill
Victoria, BC

Bill said...

As for the inverse racism being practiced by whites against whites, a member of the Manosphere* calls it "progracism" short for "progressive" racism. I'll post a link here when I've run out of scotch.