Sunday, May 05, 2013

Danny Impersonates the Captain

So I'm at the "Manosphere sleepover" and Danny from 504 decides to break out some rare talent.  Specifically a "Captain Capitalism" impersonation.

A huge language warning, but you must listen at least to the point where Bill from Apocalypse Cometh has issues with Danny's dog.


Unknown said...

His impersonation sounds more like Bill Burr, not that there's much of a difference.

beta_plus said...

That's was hilarious!

Sorry Cappy Cap, but he's got you down perfectly, even with the wrong generations.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good, Danny. Just need to say "Tootles!" To close!

Green Steelhead

dannyfrom504 said...

one of my finer pieces of work.

ARoss said...

Danny's impression sounds like a Canadian Maritimer.