Thursday, October 03, 2013

5 Reasons You SHOULD Major in Women's Studies

I'm not making this up folks. She actually has a 5 point list why you should major in women's studies.

But what I am going to do is a genuine favor for all the women (and men) out there who are thinking about majoring in women's studies and debunk the above list with just one reason.


"The One and ONLY Reason You Should NEVER Major in Women's Studies."

#1 - You can achieve everything a doctorate in women's studies can achieve without having to waste 8 years of your youth and $150,000 in tuition.  You can read the books on the internet or library for free.  You can read the literature for free.  You can protest, lobby, and do whatever you want to advance women's issues for free.  And (here's the kicker) you will have the exact same employment prospects as people who have a doctorate in the field.

What we're witnessing here is the cannibalism that occurs in leftist academia.  Liberals and leftists major in some faux humanities degree.  They can't find a job with a "Bachelor's in Vicitimization" so they proceed to get a "Masters in Whining."  That doesn't result in employment so they go full on for a "Doctorate in Asking the Government for More Money While Claiming We're Independent."

But the irony of such worthless degrees is the only thing you can do with them is simply reteach them to future students.  Deep down inside you KNOW the degree is worthless, but you have so much in student loans and practically all of your youth invested in this fake industry that your ego cannot take the blow that you


fucked up your life and wasted your youth.

And so they cannabalize on (in this case) future young women, cajoling them to join them in their misery at the women's studies department AND in the process ruin and destroy these poor girls' lives (despite, ironically being a presumed women's studies program).

Ladies, look, I don't care if you're a leftist, a liberal, or a feminist.  You can be all those things for free.  You don't need to be "ordained" or "certified."  Just "be" those things.  But for the love of the Patron Saint's Name of Frick, if you're going to drop 6 years of youth and $100,000 on a masters degree could you at least make it count?


Malcolm said...

Small point:
By following your advice, someone WILL NOT have equivalent chance of landing employment. Following your advice will IMPROVE someone's chances of landing employment. A "Women's Studies" degree is a poison pill. Back when I did recruiting, a Women's Studies degree guaranteed that I would not hire the candidate. Hell, I didn't even like seeing those classes on a transcript, or good grades in those classes.

Swithers said...

Five reasons?


That's one for each of her brain cells, and a couple spare.

Jose said...

The linked post deserves a proper point-by-point commentary. Any volunteers?

Just some guy said...

1 It will empower you.

2 It will ensure you know how to protect yourself from oppression.

3 If you follow your dreams you are SURE to find a way to become rich.

4 You will be able to stick some beta with the bill so it is practically free.

5. It will hasten the decline.

Did I guess the five reasons?

Iceman said...

"You can achieve everything a doctorate in women's studies can achieve without having to waste 8 years of your youth and $150,000 in tuition. You can read the books on the internet or library for free. You can read the literature for free"

You're assuming they are in it for the education, for the intellectual pursuit. They don't care about any of that; in fact, few college students do, regardless of subject area. It's about accumulating credentials to climb the social ladder. It's about validation and status. They want to be seen as smart, as intellectuals, without actually being it or doing the work. Merit is no longer a virtue and the use of logic is looked down upon. Climbing the academic and corporate ladder depends on your likability, and your willingness to conform to the status quo.

Look at medicine for example, which is totally dominated by women (around 70%) these days. Don't think for a moment the majority is in it to care for sick. That's secundary at most, tertiary at best.

The genuinly smart people don't need to be spoonfed information through a series of dumbed-down, mediocre lectures.

Brian C. Rideout said...

I started to write a lengthy response here, but it turned into a lengthy horror story that I am going to post on my blog.

The short version is that the Liberal Arts after about 1960 has turned into a methodical way of erasing a person's moral framework.

Your job in class in over half the subjects is to study different moral, political, religious, or philosophical views until you can pretend you believe them.

Then once you do that you have to make arguments and debate as if you believed them. The smarter you are, the more you can suppress your own ideas and the more actively you can take on the role of a true believer.

In a year an English student can be a Marxist, a Feminist, a Structuralist, a Nihilist, etc. over and over again so many times that all moral views and ideas seem like make believe. You lose the ability to think for yourself seriously, because even your own moral framework is just a costume you're putting on.

So you stop believing in much of anything for awhile. Eventually, you need to make decisions, though, so what do you do? You either just pick whatever morality will get you what you want, or you pick the one that you use the most and thus is easiest to put on and keep on.

That's usually Marxism, Feminism, or Postmodernism. And so you sort of default into being one of those things. But you are also cynical about ideas and morals, and can put them on or take them off whenever you want.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I wanted to be an author coming out of high school, but I absolutely refused to spend money on worthless English and Creative Writing classes learning something that I could learn on my own.

Blinding Buddha said...

Just left a comment on her post! I hope she is just talking out her ass to get comments but really??

We got some blind people out here.

Anonymous said...


Well here is just ONE reason why you should NOT:

Jennifer said...

If your degree is worthwhile, you don't have to justify it to anyone. If you continually have to explain why 'no really, this is worthwhile', it isn't.