Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Off to Jamaica

Greetings Economists, Children, and Lieutenants,

I'm off to Jamaica so the blog will be on auto pilot with links and other minimal efforts on my part for the next couple of days.  I will unlikely access it from Jamaica, because to be honest I don't trust the internet connection from being hacked.  Ergo, it's only the most basic of work I'll be doing on teh interwebz.  E-mail will also be minimal.

There will be a podcast however, posted later today, that's if I ever get indoors because it's gorgeous outside.


Anonymous said...

What happened to making your GF change your OIL? Or is that a euphemism for sex?

Captain Capitalism said...


I've been harping on the ladies enough. Looked back and saw too many pieces on feminism and not enough on economics.


Alex said...

It's called a VPN, cap. For $30 a year you get an encrypted connection any time you want it, with an end point in any country you want. I got one before heading down to the US for work, since you guys seem to have much more draconian laws when it comes to a lot of online stuff. Plus I was working for the US military and didn't want them reading my emails.

Anonymous said...

You must be a communist or a criminal. Good law abiding Americans not only let the NSA read our email, we fully document the email to make crosschecking it easier.

Twenty said...

If you've got a server in the US, just set up an SSH tunnel.

It's pretty straightforward (and free, if you've already got the server). The basics are covered here: