Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ladies Night Linkage

Some linkage love for all the ladies out there in the Cappysphere.

Leslie is doing some research.  It's kind of chicky, but it is ladies' night linkage.  Perhaps you can assist.

Judged not by the color of his skin, but his character...or..wait..unless you are the federal government.

They're not learning anything anyway.  Besides, there's no jobs for them either.

Again, I ask, since when did "women's work" become criminal, condescending and unimportant?  Who villainized it and said it wasn't necessary let alone beneath men's work?

No wonder it got 670 comments.

This is why I refuse to take public transportation...among many other reasons.

This is why I refuse to buy cars the government tells me to.

Does Stephen Harper get any credit for navigating the worst recession in 70 years putting Canada well ahead the US?  No, no, the Canadian leftist media needs to tell the sheeple how to think and vote.

I went as "Archer with Tactileneck" for Halloween and I pulled off an awesome job.  Jennifer also has pulled off an awesome job AND it is a costume that doesn't suck.

Our Ukrainian Agent in the Field warns of Russian credit card scams.

This outdoes birthing music.  Remember kids, you weren't had for you, you were had for mommy.  Why else do you think you were dropped off at daycare?

Mercy, porn is beating out flesh and blood women.

You're "kinda bitter" about the baby boomer generation?  I'm full on raging hatred and loathing of them.

Female privilege.

Let's raise your blood pressure!

Ladies (and men) don't be stupid like kids were in the 90's grunge day.  Make yourself look presentable to society.


coolstud said...


relationships being a waste of time in college and a series of one-night-stands is the only way to go.

sunshinemary said...

Thanks for the link-back, Cappy!

Mutnodjmet said...

Thanks for the link...despite its "chickiness". :D

Anonymous said...

I am done here. I am a boomer and I will no longer read or recommend your site. I always provided for myself and my future and I voted for the best (usually the least worst) candidate for ensuring economic freedom. You need to look at who elected Obozo and the other confiscation artists in DC. He won the young vote by a huge majority.

Stingray said...

Thank you very much, Captain.