Thursday, October 31, 2013


Thank you!

I was looking for a term for people who are too lazy to work real jobs and so they rely on their

sexual preference

to claim victim status and thus rationalize the theft of other people's money

and now we have one!

Victim Predator!


Martel said...

Glad I could help out.

Anonymous said...

How about "Wallet-Leech". ):-)

Anonymous said...

You left out disability.

Anonymous said...

I hope you mean "gender" instead of "sex", because working at sex _is_ a real job. :-)

Some ways of enjoying the decline are more satisfying than others ...

Anonymous said...

I think the word "predator" carries too much dignity to be accurate, after all a predator works hard to stalk prey. I would suggest instead the word "parasite"
to be more descriptive. "Victim-Parasite" yeah, that's it!

Martel said...

@ Anonymous: I came up with the term while observing gang-bangers loudly take over an El car in Chicago, knowing that if anybody objected to their lewdness that they would be called a racist.

Although parasite fits, in the political sense, the way they try to get money from us is actually pretty aggressive. Your character is attacked for opposing them.

Furthermore, lots of Victim-Predators are outright criminals (those who don't even bother to outsource the State to steal from you).

Again, "parasite" works, but "predator" has a more aggressive connotation, and I think we need to see leftist aggression for what it is. It doesn't just drain us, it ATTACKS who we are and what we believe.