Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today's Offie

Remember, kids!

Work hard!
Pay taxes!
And if you don't have a cubicle job at a corporate strip mall you "couldn't hack it in the real world."

Enjoy the decline!


Donttreadonmatt said...

Road less traveled, baby!

Anonymous said...

Did you take your shotgun with you in case dinner flew by?

Anonymous said...

And what are you going to do about Obamacare? Is your income sufficiently low that you are exempt from its provisions? It's none of my business, for sure, but I'd really like to know; and I'm not the only one I'm sure!

Obamacare is surely going to encourage work for cash. Up here in the Demented Dominion our high taxes do the same.

Anonymous said...

Once you figure out how to handle Obamacare it will be time to update "Enjoy the Decline". "Enjoy the Decline with Obamacare" should be a bestseller if there ever is one.

Rumbear said...

I have that as a work...never mind....