Monday, October 28, 2013

Sex With Dinosaurs - The Latest Harlequin Trend

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

As if vampires and werewolves weren't bad enough.


Robert said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Anonymous said...

How about sex with robots of war ?

Tom said...

Christie Sims is the undisputed master of dino porn, with over 100 titles available on Amazon. But why settle for just dinosaurs? She also writes "beast porn" involving: gryphons, dragons, orcs, gargoyles, werewolves, teenage werewolves, centaurs, minotaurs, ogres, demons, devils, weretigers,pegasus, billionaires, vampires, basilisks, wargs, ghosts, manticores, hydras, goblins, naga (snake people), and trolls.
The internet makes me happy.

Aynsley said...

I'll just leave this here: