Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Secret to Losing Weight

It's all very complicated.


Green Steelhead said...

Now THAT....was awesome!

Enjoy the Decline of the Waistline!

Anonymous said...

Lol! You should copyright that!

What's really going on, I think, with people who claim they can't follow your advice - "it's not so simple" - is that they can't muster the willpower to get through the first few weeks of eating less. The stomach expands or shrinks with the amount of food you shovel into it at each meal. If you always have a second helping at each meal, you won't feel full until you've had that second helping. But, if for two or three weeks, you eat one helping at 75% the usual size, after two or three weeks, that amount of food will make you feel as "full" as you used to with two helpings... at half the calories.

It's pretty simple math from there.

Meh, it's nothing a few decades of economic hardship can't cure though.

Aynsley said...

Unless you're a chick.

If you're a chick, the correct answer is have your doctor run a metabolyte panel on you, go see a nutritionist, and eat what they tell you to eat.

And work out.

Anonymous said...

In a pinch, just eat less works pretty well too. Auschwitz was not known for their world class gyms.

Anonymous said...

I heard this fellow say that your empty stomach is about the size of your fist so don't eat more than that at any one meal. Seems to be working.

Rumbear said...

This is confusing. What if I work out more and then eat less. Does it still work? You must have a chart, a graphic of some sorts, to fully appreciate this.....

Southern Man said...

Close, but not quite. It's eat right and work out more. See Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat" and "Good Calories, Bad Calories."

Unknown said...

Short, succinct and wrong.

If interested, this is a good place to start:


CelticTigerDad said...

"Eat less, exercise more."

That's too complicated. I would shorten it to simply, "eat less". If you have to exercise to burn off excess calories, then that means you are eating too much in the first place.

Exercise should be used for cardiovascular health and muscle toning, not weight loss.

Anonymous said...

I inherited a box of family photos from the 1920's through the 1950's

everyone was skinny by our standards

August said...

I've lost over 100lbs and know this is extremely unhelpful advice. Some poor smuck will probably end up breaking his ankle and be stuck on the couch, near too many neolithic snacks, and gain another 20lbs because of stupid crap like this.

But, thankfully, I feel relieved of my duty to mendaciously explain everything because something popped up in my feed reader: Eat Less, Move More, Die Anyway

Incidentally, I do workout more now, but I also eat a lot more. Weightloss is one mode. Physical exertion is another mode. The two demand different resources and they don't really play well together. Do one, then do the other.

Anonymous said...

Cut way back on carbs and the weight will fall off. Everyone at work who tried Atkins has had good results. Carbs make you fat, period

Peregrine John said...

It is that simple. Always has been. History proves it, and that is more than enough.

In case the "Well nuh uh!!" crowd gets to you, refer them here.

Anonymous said...

The first day I stopped eating carbs, the hunger was gone, period. The first day.

Sorry, Aaron, but hunger/exercise diets are the least effective there is. That has been the recommended diet as the US became the fattest nation on the planet, and still is as it dropped to #2.

The medical books used in medical schools say exactly what Dr. Atkins said. 95% on Atkins lose weight without hunger.

Anonymous age 71

MaMu1977 said...

There's a married couple on my Facebook page (friends from the military) who has dropped a combined 110 pounds in ten months by doing two things

1. Only eating home-cooked/home-prepared meals
2. Replacing all snacks with water.

In ten months, he lost 50 pounds (70 lb. of fat, gained 20 pounds of muscle) and she lost 60 pounds (65 lb. of fat minus a bit of water weight.) His exercise routine is the thrice-weekly military fitness schedule, she doesn't exercise at all

Are they fit and trim? Hell no! He still outweighs me by a dozen pounds (despite my 5-inch height advantage) and she's still in the 200+ lb. Club. However, it doesn't change the results at all. He isn't worried about being discharged from the USAF for dereliction of duty (lagging fitness) and she has a waist (as a former obese kid, she's shocked at the idea of having an approximation of an hourglass figure.) Eating less works.