Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Seetha Kulandaisamy - Another Narc

Like Adria Richards, another narcer feminist gets offended at male humor and costs another guy his job.

But I want to be INCREDIBLY clear on this.  The problem is NOT that petty women like this take offense and self-decree themselves crusaders to "right the wrongs" of evil, and then go narcing to the employers of said employess.

It's the fact the employers ACTUALLY TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY AND FIRE THEIR EMPLOYEES instead of dismissing these child-women as the mere whiners and complainers they are.

I've addressed this in my latest podcast.  It is a trend.  It is the future.  And you NEED to know how to adapt to this and realize there is NO FUTURE with modern day employers.  It is mutually exclusive to being male.

Stay frosty boys.  Stay frosty.

Post post, seems she ruffled some feathers.


Anonymous said...

While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, you can be certain that you do NOT speak on behalf of all men - or REAL men, for that matter. This incident had NOTHING to do with gender.
In fact, the owner of the bar, who is a man, made the decision to fire the employee himself because he did not find the tasteless "joke" funny at all.
And let's be INCREDIBLY clear - there is NOTHING funny about domestic violence.
It is rather sad that there are people who find any humor in things like this.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, this sign is much worse than what ticked off Adria Richards.

In your opinion, when does something go "too far" and merit boycotting/banning?

Captain Capitalism said...

Uh, yeah, anon 1006, I speak for the majority of men.

it was funny. That's why we laughed.

tasteless, sure. But still funny, just like dead-baby jokes.

Now, was it worth a person losing their livelihood over it so some narcy could power trip?


But you are right on two accounts

it was well within the owner's right to fire the guy and

there is nothing funny about real domestic violence. Won't find one real man for it.

but like hell we ain't going to make jokes and puns about off-color topics, especially when the wit calls for it. That's what's called dark humor.

And if women don't like that...well, I guess you're not really equals then in every regard, are you?

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 1104,

Yes, absolutely, this one obviously went too far by society's standards.

My concern is what have society's standards become?

This was a BAR. Not a church or a public school. dark humor isn't allowed?

What this is, is a sign of how a person, who should boycott with her own little feet, found it necessary to make a big to do about it and got somebody fired. Not only that, but how the company completely kowtowed.

Fine. Let's play this game and see what happens to production and GDP growth when half the population has to worry about walking on eggshells.

Anonymous said...

cappy her last name 'kulandaisamy' literally can be translated to child god in Tamil. Just wow

Anonymous said...

cappy her last name 'kulandaisamy' literally can be translated to child god in Tamil. Just wow

Captain Capitalism said...

Who is "Tamil" and is that relevenat? Or is this just a child of over-expectant parents?

Glen Filthie said...

Jeez, Cap - mind if I bitch slap the author of that one at the top?


For the record my semi-retired father in law had a part time job at the local women's shelter for battered women doing handyman chores, picking up donations, shovelling snow off sidewalks, etc. I regularly got recruited to do 'volunteer' work.

The truth of it is that most of those women in there DESERVED the beatings they got. These idiots would marry the dregs of mankind, drive them nuts with bitchery and fishwifery - and goad those poor, stupid animals until they flipped. Then they would run to the shelter and claim to be victims. It was so bad I finally quit doing 'volunteer' work because it galled me to be enabling shite like that.

Ya wanna know what domestic violence REALLY is? It's simply a case of two idiots fighting and the smaller idiot losing.

Anonymous said...

you'll notice the handwriting is the same after the sign was changed. fired? uummm... yeah. k.

Anonymous said...

cant F*N stand people like this. Really, like REALLY, that sign made you go on a rampage about a cause? Its a BAR selling alcohol, its not a church group of a public school. You want a bar to be politically correct? I swear these days people are just bored. If you had a good family and a good job, great friends and a happy life would you REALLY spend your free time worrying about what a bar decides to write on its beer promotion?

therealnitzilla said...

You may think you speak for a majority of men but that doesn't mean you do. Here's a thought; go take a random poll of men. Make it truly random - Main Street in front of the post office in the middle of the day, not a bunch of like-minded Friday night prowlers.

Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one who laughed at her name being "Seetha".

Anonymous said...

Her information has been posted here:


Feel free to send her a message.

Anonymous said...


She also speaks 'French'?

In Texas?

She has a future in the 'Pole dancing' industry.

She is a Denver-Boot on the wheel of civilization and progress.

Q:How do you insult a stripper?
A:Use 'Susan B. Anthony' coins.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was also quite funny that it was written on a Heineken chalk board.

Unknown said...


Take The Red Pill said...

Just another feminazi who is eternally "offended" (and offensive) by everything and whose life consists of finding something to be "offended" by. Nothing new here.

Rama Krishna said...

"Who is "Tamil"

Tamil is a language.

I also wouldn't assume the boss actually fired his employee over this. He could have just said he fired him to quell the fury.

"She has a future in the 'Pole dancing' industry."

She's Indian. Indian women generally don't do pole dancing. Heck, Hooters restaurant had to retreat from India because only prostitutes and transvestites were willing to apply as waitresses.