Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How Stefan Molyneux Saved My Economic Sanity

There is nothing more


to me (and I presume most of you) than when I present a leftist or a liberal irrefutable economic data and proof they are just flat out wrong and then they proceed to

worm out of it with the most flaccid and intellectually dishonest of lies.

More than once I've had a leftist resort to the pathetic and "admission of wrongness" excuse,

"well, my perception is my own reality."

Never have I ever wanted to cause physical harm to people more than in those instances.

I personally could never understand it.  Here's the data, here's the logic, here's the reasoning, you're wrong.


Only to have them retort in the liberal's version of "I know you are, but what am I?"

So after a while I gave up.  If people are going to insist on being impervious to logic, fact and reason as Detroit collapses around them then how do you convince them?  This is largely why this blog has gone from one of data, charts and statistics, to more of one of philosophy, rants, shame and mockery.  If all the research, data, and empiricism I've expended considerable resources on is just going to be dismissed, fine.  I'm switching to philosophy, ridiculing everybody, and am going to enjoy watching them suffer their own self-inflicted misery.

However, this mere switch never answered the burning question,

"What in the Patron Saint's Name of Frick is wrong with these people who refuse reality over ideology?  What is their mental damage that they can't see the sky is blue?"

Enter in Stefan Molyneux.

I was listening to this podcast of his and at the 1hr 2min 20 second mark he answers it.

All I could say was "Why the hell didn't I see this before???"

This doesn't mean leftists and liberals won't stop destroying the country.

This doesn't mean leftists and liberals won't stop performing the most amazing mental acrobatics to rationalize believing in lies.

But it does mean you and I and every other sane person out there can now fully understand why these inferior humans consciously and purposely believe something they (probably) deep down inside know to be false, and will continue to be impervious to logic, reason, sanity, fact, data and intellectual honesty.


Lt Greggles said...

i love Molyneux. hes not mean. hes blunt and honest. hes relentless when hes trying to squeeze an answer out of someone, and can spot deflections right away. his show is definitely worth listening to.

unfortunately his days are like 60 hours long, and there aren't enough hours in our days to listen to everything he puts out.

Stretch said...

Liberals meet reality with:
1. "That's different!" without explaining how.
2. "You're wrong!" with no counter argument.
3. "Racist/sexist/homophobe/fascist!" depending on the argument.

WFLBG said...

Molyneux's Death By Heriosm vid + podcast is fantastic.

Amethyst said...

I would highly recommend Anonymous Conservative's series on how to short-circuit Liberal's brains while debating them:

Very insightful. If we could get half a dozen decent, conservative politicians who could master these techniques, we might never find ourselves at the mercy of liberal moonbattery ever again.

Anonymous said...

Even trained scientists ignore facts, mathematics, and logical proofs -- when their pet theories are challenged. I've decided the human brain is wired up this way: People always believe their own BS.

heresolong said...

Does the guy just walk around recording himself? Good lord, when am I going to find time to listen to over 2,000 podcasts? Oh well. Guess I'll start with the new stuff and see what happens. Might be a good excuse to add another mile to my run.

Cappie, you feeling a little inferior with your "weeklyish" version?

Peregrine John said...

Though I'm getting a database connection error when trying to go there just now, I've read the series Amethyst recommends, and it explained a lot of what I'd observed but didn't understand, and more importantly it opened up whole worlds of useful ways to debate those with amygdala damage. And you can just bet what the socio-political tendencies are for that group.

Miss Conduct said...

Whoa. The Captain listened to a podcast--any podcast--for an hour and 20 minutes? I realize that our intrepid host is free of the burden of wage slavery, and thus has more time than some of us others, but do people really listen with rapt attention during these interminable podcasts? Because you can't read anything else during them if you want to get an understanding of the subjects discussed. I suppose you could put 'em on your iPod and listen to them at the gym or in the car, which seems less pleasurable than music to me but whatever. I will admit that I am a chick.

I hated school and I still hate work presentations etc. because it involves listening to someone talk without pause for more than 15 minutes. I'm an editor, so it's not that I can't concentrate on one thing for long periods of time.

I guess I just want to tip my imaginary hat to anyone who can listen to podcasts for that long.

Captain Capitalism said...

Miss Conduct,

The only way I can listen intently and all the way through is I do a lot of running, a lot of hiking and a lot of driving.

But yes, you cna't have it on as background noise.