Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Manosphere Growth v. 20/20's

The article, written by (undoubtedly) two leftist women is completely biased and passes off the Manosphere as a hate, misogyny, blah blah blah.

But permit me these points three:

1.  How's ABC's viewership growth rate compared to The Manosphere and Alt Right econosphere?  I'm experiencing 50% annual growth.  Which is serving a growing market and which is stagnating, resting on its previous oligopoly status?

2.  What is 20/20/ABC hoping to achieve with this?  A "shaming and then they hopefully go away?"  Again, I've said it before.  We have nothing to lose (14:00 mark).  Jobs?  none.  House?  None.  Wives?  None.  Country?  None.  And until there is genuine economic opportunity in the country this is the best use of our time.

3.  Consequently, I can't wait to see their response when they read through the comments and it doesn't go their way.

Anyway, you guys wanted mainstream attention, well, now you got it.  Might as well light up the comments section and show readers this isn't just a group of "angry meanie men who can't get laid."

Also, the "journalists."

Alyssa Pry - worthless degree, East coast, blah blah blah.  You're heard it before.

And Alexa Valienti - Oooooh  Diplomatic Relations degree!!!

Ug, you just can't make it up.  It's sooooo predictable.

But there is something important to note here guys.  Look at their resumes.

These are CHILDREN, young 20 something CHILDREN who have been given the cache and pull of a traditional media outlet like 20/20.  HOw can you take their article seriously?

Millions of men unemployed, in debt, divorced, and with no hope for a future and two children with "Ambercrombie and Fitch" experience write an article daring to suggest you're all just a bunch of sexist whiners???

What this is, is proof of just how desperate, out of touch, and worthless the MSM is.  It should also be an ego boost to those of us in the alternative media world.


Glen Filthie said...

But it IS going their way, Cap.

The journalists are not trying to sell viewpoints, they are trying to sell copy. Gender and race baiting are pretty much all they have left to drive sales. How many times can you read an article entitled 'Stunned Femc**t Thinks White Men Suck' and be bothered to comment? I used to...but now I just ignore it. I am not going to leave a comment there; that will only encourage them more.

Unfortunately common sense is not a commodity that stupid people can sell. Al Gore, for example, can sell Global Warming to stupid people but he couldn't make a buck trying to sell 'Enjoy The Decline' in a million years even if you wrote it for him and gave him the copyright. Our mainstream media is nothing more than an intellectual manure spreader that fertilizes crops of stupid people and liberals.

The backlash is coming. When it does, I see their profits diving and yours potentially soaring. In the days ahead you can be liberal and stupid - but it WILL cost you dearly...

Shameful said...

Good thing they dont have to be good to survive. All that Uncle Sugar money to prop them up, and we all know looking at governments they dont defund the propaganda arm till the very end.

YouSoWould said...

Credit where credit's due, they managed to get halway down the article before the first mention of "rape"

Take The Red Pill said...

Glen Filthie: "In the days ahead you can be liberal and stupid..."

I thought it was necessary to be stupid (as opposed to being merely ignorant) to be a liberal nowadays.
The liberals I've had contact with are perfect examples of "useful idiots" (with emphasis on 'idiots') -- they seem to not be able to think, or even refuse to think. Proud products of our wonderful, overpriced, education system, undoubtedly. Can't think logically or do simple arithmetic, but I bet that they 'feel good about themselves', just the same.

Anonymous said...

The article mentions Anita Sarkeesian, and the horrors she was subjected to. (Apparently, some guy called her a name.) Thunderfoot does a great take-down of her. Just YouTube "thunderfoot Anita Sarkeesian". Its worth a listen.

Anonymous said...

Good piece Cappy, mostly spot on. It's becoming more and more obvious that political FUD is dying with the rise of internet blogging. As such, women like these two who wrote the hit piece will not have these jobs 20 years from now. Of course, by then they'll be too old to find a good husband and have kids, so hopefully they've saved enough to retire at 45-50 years old. Otherwise, there's always waiting tables.

Anonymous said...

So, A thought just occurred to me. One that tells me that MANOSPHERE COMMENTERS SHOULD NOT in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, reply to the hit piece on ABC's website.

Why is this?

Because they're trolling. The feminist movement has watched the manosphere and MHRM from afar and they've had very little to go on w.r.t. who makes up this movement. They couldn't attack the people because they simply didn't know who they were.

All they need is IP#'s, e-mail addresses, with that they can find facebook accounts, linkin accounts, you name it. The NSA is not the only organization who can easily track down all of your online activity.

DO NOT COMMENT on ABCs site, they are trolling for information on people who comment in the manosphere.

Peregrine John said...

I'm inclined to agree with Glen. It's all about the Benjies even with the brainwashed. Except for one thing: your comments are part of the backlash, the thing that shoves it all to the tipping point where content creators are able to have that level of stage instead of just the commenters.

Still. As one who isn't a manosphere blogger (oh, I blog, but it's irrelevant nonsense just now) my opinion isn't that of one with real skin in the game, but I was one of those wincing at the idea of widespread scrutiny. The community needs to shed its most easily perverted terminologies as fast as possible in order to complete its journey from dorktastic pickup and pathetic whining to real lifestyle change, reality awareness, and true self improvement. Until we drop the terms most prone to scope creep, we're horribly vulnerable to flat-out lies, which we've already seen.

golden geese news said...

I agree with everything you say except for one thing, and you of all people, should realize this. This isn't a older vs younger generation thing as much as it is a liberal vs conservative thing. A higher percentage of Baby Boomers vote conservative than younger generations. A significant percentage of Baby Boomers have been fighting against the same things you're fighting against, our entire lives. A higher percentage of people in the younger generations subscribe to liberal bullshit than the percentage of Baby Boomers that do.

The Bechtloff said...

I understand your concern Jeremy, but like Aaron said, there really isn't that much left for most of us to lose. They've burned down almost everything good about this country and pissed on the ashes. No point in hiding anymore.

Acksiom said...

Well, perhaps if you all

1) watched not just the show BUT THE COMMERCIALS TOO, and then

2) targeted the advertisers closest to the segment for critical response, if necessary

you might actually accomplish something practical.

Seems tailor made for AVFM to me.

LordSomber said...

They're scaring "Lorraine" but on a national level.

Uncle Elmer said...

"DO NOT COMMENT on ABCs site, they are trolling for information on people who comment in the manosphere."

I don't care. I am self-employed anyway.

Chad said...

I'd be much more scared if they posted a story that wasn't as obviously biased. Or worse, one that wasn't biased at all.

The media won't treat us well. If they ever, EVER welcome us with open arms then we will have a knife in our back already, or be asked to give up our values to be safe to the masses.

BlogDog said...

Just one note: cachet.

mina smith said...

whoever said it isn't about women it's about Liberals is spot on.

most women are Liberals. Liberals are brain damaged. Don't believe me, fine but read this guy's analysis a few times through and tell yourself again that I am wrong:

Anonymous said...

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