Thursday, October 17, 2013

R vs. K Type Breeding and How It Relates to Politics

An interesting post and book review by Matt Forney.


Anonymous said...

Free sample chapters

For a bit more challenging material (take that how you will) search for "r/K", "r-selection", and "K-selection" here

He uncovers some curious scientific discoveries.

Eric S. Mueller said...

I thought the Kindle version was free, but I guess that was for a limited time.

This is a good book. Although some of it might be circumstancial, it explains a lot.

Mark said...

Matt in his review mentions the increased masculinity of African women in the African r-selected society and in the comments responds to a commenter by showing that black men being hyper-masculine is a myth and that many black men are actually very feminine i.e. overly emotional drama queens. This is something I've noticed for a long time and a lot of other people have noticed it too. The loud, angry and aggressive black woman is probably the most common stereotype that whites have of black women because there are so many of them it's impossible not to notice. This isn't just a racial thing either. The writer Roosh recently noticed that the Danish welfare state has led to a more r-selected society that has in turn led to the masculinization of Danish women.

Anonymous said...

Evolutionary psychology is a thing that you either hear in a context of world-renown biologist speaking, or as a buzzword in a faux-scientific dilettantish mumbo-jumbo.

Also, Matt Forney is a confused leftist who believes everything wrong with the USA is Reagan's fault, union busting is an evil thing, "corporations are evil, man", and Occupy Movement is generally right about thing. That doesn't reinforce confidence in his taste in literature.