Monday, October 28, 2013

How Leftist Women Want to Destroy the Careers of Men

The "Snitchy Bitch" (my latest article at Return of Kings) is up for consumption.

And let me be clear about this.

The "Snitchy Bitch" is not some kind of sophomoric term I assign to some "crazy" women.

It is a real threat.  A threat that is just as real and predictable as the housing bubble.

After 40 years of feminists/leftist indoctrination, there are millions of young women who think their "job" is not to produce anything of economic worth, but to

tattle tale
and report

men out to their superiors to get them fired should said men offend the ever increasingly fragile sensibilities of women.

Does this advance the economy?


Does this increase efficiency?


But it makes a bunch of pampered, spoiled, liberal-arts-majoring-girls feel COUGH COUGH WHEEZE WHEEZE


So my argument is simple.

If society has so decayed to the point it kowtows to leftist tattle tales, that you will fire a man, who works hard and earns his economic merit, because some

20 something

files a complaint and what he said on teh interwebz,

then by all means said employer,

you fire that man.  You go right ahead.

Because in the end following such a route will result in non-profitability because you're only firing your most productive assets and replacing it with a incompetent woman-child who is more vested "CSR" and "diversity" than profit and excellence.  So enjoy that "women's empowerment" initiative or "diversity campaign" your HR and CSR departments are jamming down your throats while you try to figure out how to fund your pension plan.



Pete Brewster said...

That depends on whether you, the employer, actually care if the firm is even viable. The enterprise only has to last until the IPO, after which you can retire rich and let the hedge fund stupid enough to buy in lose their pants on your stupid website that will never figure out how to flog makeup to 14-year-old girls without sending them running for the next big thing. By the time the feminists take over, it won't be your problem any more.

See also "dot-bomb."

It's often said that some people never learn. Then again, if it's not your money, why bother?

Glen Filthie said...

No shit.

Years ago they hired a 20 something ditz for inside sales at an office I was working at. 2 weeks later she was my boss. We had nothing but 'personal conflicts'. I managed the big projects and she constantly heckled and harassed me to the point I finally quit. I went in the next day dressed in cutoffs and put in my two weeks notice - and dumped at least a half dozen project files on the bitch. My last two weeks were a dream...8 hour days, no overtime, no coming in early, no stressful deadlines. I walked away and never looked back.

5 years later, I heard the entire staff I worked with is gone - except for her. She is the only one still working's unbelievable.

I prefer the small companies. The big corporations have become mentally ill and until they straighten out I will not work for them.

heresolong said...


You wore cutoffs? That was years ago, wasn't it?

Take The Red Pill said...


She may still be there, but (knowing feminazis) I strongly doubt that she's actually 'working'.

JoeAmerica said...

I have to get more Boris The Shitting Buffalo's they are in all my bathrooms for my guest to read but they are not so water proof :)
I am not sure where to put this so I will try here. Its about the left in general.

The Politics of Hollywood with Andrew Breitbart

JoeAmerica said...

I don't know where to put this, This is something I have been noticing. Feminist/leftist will get blogs like this one listed as pornography or adult material to various web filters like Fortigate etc.