Monday, October 07, 2013

So Women ARE Using the Government to Supplant Men

"We usually have a lull in September and October," Gwynn says. "For us to peak at the end of the month in September, and this week in general, it makes no sense for us to have a growth like this. Half of the new members are single moms, so we're thinking that it's tied directly to the government shutdown, since (the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children), that help more than 9 million moms, have been stalled. It would make no sense for growth otherwise."

1.  This just disgusts me.
2.  Men who vote democrat are not men.
3.  I don't want to hear anything ever again about single moms being noble or heroic
4.  I don't want to hear about "independent women" when I have to pay more taxes to support them
5.  This video should be going viral.


dienw said...

A 17% government shutdown is not driving women to sugar daddy sites: their perverse morality - if they even have any now - is what is doing the driving: Hell, the women are gunning the gas to get there.

Aurini said...

Reminds me of that old joke. "We've already established that you're a whore, now we're down to negotiations."

Piper said...

The pecking order is:

1. government welfare
2. sugar daddy (exchange of goods for "special" services)
3. marriage
4. work

When it comes to women meeting their financial needs. I propose they move #4 up the ladder a few notches.

Mark said...

Just think of the eventual effect of nine million single moms being forced out onto the dating market if welfare ended. The availability of this welfare has benefited all women, not just the ones on welfare. It's restricted the supply of women interested in finding a male economic provider. The restricted supply has enabled the remaining women out on the dating market to demand more from men while giving less to them in return for a relationship. The more slender, more feminine and more pleasant females of the past would return once there are more women competing with each other for men.

Ecclesiastes said...

Oh, Cappy. You are SO young ...

You're doing a fine job. Keep up the good work.

Pete Brewster said...

Just think of what an actual default would do. The end of the welfare state's just the start.

Businesses that have to live on accounts receivable because the banks won't lend them other people's money might start asking why they need a HR department or, for that matter, keep on any women too stupid to use birth control.

(Browbeating a beta into paying all a woman's bills while she spends five years looking after the nut-fruit of his friend with better looks and better game till it's ready to start school is her responsibility, not the firm's.)

Just a tip---Russian women are white hot for a reason. The rule there is hit the gym or hit the road, because Putin has better uses for his people's money than pissing it away on welfare. They've done the communism thing. It didn't work out.

Take The Red Pill said...

"...Putin has better uses for his people's money than pissing it away on welfare. They've done the communism thing. It didn't work out."

Tell any socialist or communist this, and they ALWAYS have a stock answer: "It didn't work because they didn't do it right!"