Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bachelor Pad Economics - November 2013

Several very perceptive people have asked,

"Why are you getting all Drudgey?"

indicating they have noticed my lack of quality, lengthy original posts and merely linking to other bloggers.

Very well played, observant Lieutenants, very well played.

I have been linking more than writing and the reason why is my new book:

Bachelor Pad Economics

I have been writing like a mad dog to get it finished for Black Friday and the thing is looking like it's going to come in around 400+ pages.  It's about 40% done, but I am trying to knock out a chapter every 3 days.

Regardless, it is what I like to describe as "the young person's financial advice bible."  It will be the most comprehensive financial road map for any young man looking to chart his financial future, as well as any young lady open minded enough to tolerate its blunt candor and occasional crass language.

I will also be looking for any bloggers/podcaster types interested in getting advanced digital copies, but in the meantime, I will be focusing most of my efforts on the new book. 


Anonymous said...

Hm, this book will be useful for me.

27 years old lieutenant, reporting for duty, Captain!

earl said...

30 yo bachelor here.

I imagine a lot of what you are saying I'm already doing (from what I gathered from your blog)...but I'm always up for more wisdom to fill in blind spots.

The Old Man in the Cave said...

I review books on my blog - if you need any help editing or anything, I'm your man!

Rick said...

Get on with it then, good sir! I look forward to purchasing it for my 24yr old son.

Anonymous said...

please use a spellcheck this time!

Jones said...

Cappy, will this new bachelor book of yours include a picture like the one in the middle of PJ O'Rourke's "Bachelor Home Companion"? The one where he's sleeping with his motorcycle, captioned, "It's your place and you can do what you want"?

In your case, I'd expect a picture of you in bed with many bundles of still-not-worthless-yet American money, captioned, "It's your money, and you can buy your own happiness with it" .....

Chicks'll dig it -- it'll up your alpha cred.

Black Poison Soul said...

Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

42 year old bachelor here.

I hope you include some ways of fortifying the bachelor pad for violent times in the decline. Or, making it as mobile as possible.

Anonymous said...

If you can get it reviewed by Mr Money Mustache that would be... Right on the money.