Wednesday, October 30, 2013

There is Nothing Noble About Being a Single Mother

A rant-a-licious rant against single motherhood.


Maximo Macaroni said...

Umm... The Maginot Line was not fake. It would have been extremely effective if the German attack had come from the expected direction.

But . . . Hitler was leading the other side. And he was evil. So he didn't follow the rules.

But the Maginot Line was - would have been - extremely effective under certain set conditions.

And the tours they were giving of it to German "tourists" in the '30s were not, in hindsight, a good idea.

Anonymous said...

doclove says....
If you ladies want an iconic example of what Captain Capitalism is talking about, look no further than Bristol Palin of TV show, "Dancing with the Stars", fame and also daughter of former Governor of Alaska as well as 2008 Republican Vice President Sarah Palin fame. Bristol Palin gave birth to Levi Johnston's boy, and Bristol Palin has complained about her dating life in the past. She has natural D cup breasts, a lean figure and is easily an 8 if not a 9 on a 0 through 10 scale as far as physical attractiveness or looks in my opinion. I think most men would agree, and I'll accept men saying she's a solid 7 in their view. Sarah Palin is good looking for a woman in her late 40s and still has a lean figure and natural C cup breasts as well as still has power, money, fame, status and influence in this world. Most men are attracted to pretty women who are physically fit and have big natural breasts both of which Sarah and Bristol Palin have without anything else. Power, money, fame and status are considered a bonus by most men. Bristol Palin offers access to her mother and possibly what her mother can do for a man's career, wealth, power, fame and status through nepotism. Men are also looking at Bristol Palin's mom, Sarah, as a clue to how well Bristol will age. Bristol Palin has more to offer physically than the overwhelming majority of women, and she has more to offer in terms of access to power, wealth, fame and status even more so than an overwhelming majority of women. Still Bristol Palin either has no takers or lousy takers which she does not want amongst men. If you ladies think you can do better than Bristol Palin should you become divorced mothers or mothers of bastards, it is a virtual certainty that you are wrong. Most men would rather take a childless 5 in looks woman for a wife.

Anonymous said...

The 5 advantages of dating a single mother

JoeAmerica said...

Reading Pennsylvania, welcome to third world America.

JoeAmerica said...

If your a kid with your father at home you are 87% less likely to live in poverty. You would think in a place like Reading Pennsylvania feminism might be becoming a very hard sell.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous who calls himself "doclove":

Either you are legally blind or you live in a fucking box under a rock in the woods. Bristol Palin is an 8 or a 9? Are you on drugs?

Bristol Palin is butt-ugly! She almost certainly had plastic surgery (and no doubt a team of gay guys to dress her up and do her makeup for public appearances) but she's still nothing special. I never noticed her "natural D cup breasts" because her busted face leads me to look away. While I would definitely not call her "fat" she is by no means in possession of a "lean figure." She has perhaps the best figure you can realistically hope for from the denizen of a remote isolated red state with a climate ranging from polar to subarctic, which is to say, she definitely has excess adipose tissue. Also, Bristol has a bit of a manface.

I will at least grant that Sarah Palin is quite attractive, and has a decent set of tits, but nothing going on upstairs. I love how mr. "doclove" refers to "former Governor of Alaska" and "2008 Republican Vice President" with full capitalization. She was NEVER the "2008 Republican Vice President" rather she was the [B][I]running mate[/I][/B] of John McCain (who lost miserably, arguably owing in large part to Sarah Palin herself). In order to be VP, your ticket needs to win. And she was a half-term governor of one of the least populous states in the union.

In terms of money, fame, and status, all Sarah Palin has going for are beauty-without-brains and whatever money she may have left. Politically, she is irrelevant, her gimmick war thin about 4 years ago.

Bristol, on the other hand, has none of that. She is at least as dumb as her mother, but without her looks. At least Sarah has that whole naughty librarian and MILF look going down. Sure she has quite the man-jaw, but that's balanced out by the rest of her appearance. (Ironically her daughter has the opposite problem but more of a man-face overall. Bristol has a very weak chin, but her face is very plain and androgynous looking.) Power, money, fame, status, influence? Attention Bristol, your 15 minutes are up! Most of this country is sick of that white trash family from Alaska! Notwithstanding some guys with supremely poor taste in women who still fap to them, like doclove, who projects his poor taste on "most men."

[As to his bottom line, namely that single mothers are undesirable, I would have to agree for the most part, but he chose a supremely poor example. I suppose a better example would be the stars of [I]Teen Mom[/I], and all those knocked-up teenage skanks shows MTV is so fond of, most of whom are far more attractive than Bristol Palin (though by no means knockouts). Poor Bristol is not even trailer park hot. Furthermore in terms of fame, money, status, and power/influence, the sluts on Teen Mom are really no different from Bristol Palin, (or like those 2 Hilton whores, or those 4 Kardashian whores) famous-for-being-famous celebrities regurgitated by our white trashionalized reality TV culture. Had doclove simply pointed out the lack of success in getting eligible bachelors for the skanks on Teen Mom, that would better illustrate whatever point he's trying to make.]