Friday, October 04, 2013

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

We don't need no STIIIIIINNNNNKINNNNNNNG fathers!

We have Barack Obama!  Duh!


Anonymous said...

White feminists need not apply. Just shows the irony of the most self defeating movement in history. I'm sorry, herstory!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Maybe you can blame this action on a "no father" thought process.....but you ever been around a postpartum mom? eeeewwww
It ain't perty.


Amy said...

Yeah, she's a single mother, and likely the daughter of a single mother. It's a terrible tragic cycle.

The article claims she had PPD and was hospitalized for it (indicating, perhaps, that is was the much more serious postpartum psychosis, where a woman can become suicidal and/or murderous, or both).

"Baby blues" are normal, as your hormones resettle. Many cultures, and past American culture, recognized that motherhood is not to be undertaken without some support structure there. Absent a husband or (more appropriately for the immediate postpartum period), a team of women to assist, a woman can slowly go batty if she's depressed and no one notices or cares. It seems like Miriam had some temporary support, but no long-term partner or network to continue providing help.

This is where the feminist idea of the "strong, independent" woman breaks down. Being the sole caregiver for a child is difficult work. It's not impossible, but it is demanding. Women, not "a woman," are well-suited for it - and I mean to suggest that women, usually relatives, are needed to band together to help in the first year or so of a child's life. The notion that a single woman is strong and powerful enough to go it alone is patently false and ridiculous on its face, as any woman who has one, or several, children, can tell you.

I feel genuine sorrow for this woman's death, and that her daughter will now grow up an orphan. That doesn't excuse her poor decisions to have a child alone and not have a support network to help her in times of need, or even an apparent lack of recognition of her need by friends and family (strong, independent womyn don't need help from anyone, and don't need to offer it either, I guess).

My mother just spent all of yesterday and part of today with me, helping me with the kids because hubs is working very, very long hours these days. I could not make it through more than a few days without his help, her help, or the help of my neighbor's daughter who comes to play with my older kids for an hour or so while I get some work done. We are not meant to live in tight bubbles and need community and interaction, but what the myth of the Strong Independent Womyn does is destroy community and our need of it in a vain attempt at placing the female above the male, destroying femininity and masculinity as its machine moves toward the dystopian vision of state control for all.

Pete Brewster said...

The father was presumably otherwise occupied---laughing his ass off, I shouldn't wonder, and thanking whoever he prays to for letting him dodge that (figurative) bullet.

Sorry, Amy, no. The world saw the back of one more Obamaslut, and not a frick was given that day. Good riddance.

Yeah, don't worry about the kid. Obama got his orders from the banks to do something about the Tea Party before someone does it for him. When the deal is cut, Erica's grandma will be paid top dollar to take the kid and keep this out of the courts.

Joe Bar said...

The cops who shot this woman should be tried for manslaughter. They overreacted.

Take The Red Pill said...

If this had been a man being shot (instead of a woman), not a fuck would have been given.