Monday, October 21, 2013

If You're Going to Rape, Rape Swedish Girls

The shocking title of this post is purposeful and noble.

It is to point out the outlandishness and true risk an unchecked feminist society presents to those it portends to protect- women.

Understand that feminism is merely a cloak, a ruse, if you will, to shield it's ulterior motive - marxism.  It's ulterior goal is to bring down the productive classes, spread the wealth, and bladdity blah blah blah.

But it doesn't care who it destroys along in the process.  Ergo why Sweden is one of the most "feminist" countries in the world, but suffers a wee-bit higher rape rate than others.  Women are not the goal of feminism, but rather tools to advance the aims of marxists masquerading as feminists.  And if women get raped at a rate similar to Lesotho, well, so be it, it's all for the "cause."

Despite my action in posting this (which would suggest a compassion on my part) I personally don't care. I've become too immune to the plight of women after having it shoved down my throat since the late 80's while watching them have every advantage of affirmative action, media, and government, also while hearing how evil and sexist and bigoted I was even though I presumably thought I rather enjoyed the company of women.

So now, I enjoy watching Sweden, and its women, who are further down the rabbit hole than we are here in the US, suffer their own self-inflicted wounds.  I enjoy watching the fruits of the labor of feminists, marxists, and socialists as they mire in their own mud. 

You girls keep going!  "Grrrrrll power!!!!  Moxie!! Yeaaa!!!"

I'm just going to light up a cigar as you embrace global warming, the state, and diversity as your gods and saviors and watch the consequences destroy you and your nation much like I enjoy watching "Die Hard" or "Tropic Thunder." 

Enjoy the decline! Or as they say in Sweden

Njut av Nedgången!


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall that in Oslo, Norway; the last time they kept statistics that a large number, ( like 95%) of Rapes where by "recent immigrants, or their immediate children" and the victimes were similarly ~95% of norwegian ancestry.

(In Norwegian non PC- speak this means Muslims and non-whites were overwhelming raping native norwegian girls. The numbers of non-muslim, "white" immigrants involved was not statistically noticeable.)

So embarrassing that I recall the statistics were deemed non-helpful and no longer kept. Fooled no-one except the usual idiots.

I wouldn't be shocked to hear the same is true in Sweden.

Glen Filthie said...

Feminism is not the only tool of the Marxist saboteurs Captain. Add to that the social movements of multiculturalism and homosexuality.

These people are no friends of freedom. As you will find out...

Captain Capitalism said...

Socialism and multiculturaliasm is worth it though.

Stop being raaayzzzisssttt.

Anonymous said...

Final pictures of Elin Krantz,those "say" it all...

Unbelievable said...

What is happening in Sweden is what will happen in the US. Even if it doesn't and it will, some of these sick women with their sick fantasies will go to Somalia, Haiti, Egypt or even hitch around Turkey in a wedding dress to make sure that the job gets done.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll get me a copy of Tropic Thunder.


Anonymous said...

Dear Captain,

Had you posted this in sweden, your house would have been torched, and afterwards you would have been arrested for a hate crime when trying to put out the fire.

There would have been fund-raisers started to raise awareness of your evil existence, as well as undo the psychological damage that unnamed women, children and hedgehogs would have suffered from reading your post.

Some of us are aware that the rape frequency in Sweden has gone exponential. However, according to public explanation, this is only due to an increase in the amount of raped persons who actually report it. I wonder what they will say when 100% of all rapes are reported. Probably that some rapes are reported more than once, and thus there has been no increase.

Cudos on a completely correct translation, by the way.

Anonymous said...

That first comment is, wow. Not backed up by any facts anywhere, and in fact quite racist.

But -- the whole post is dumb. One would imagine that you've heard of a fellow named "Julian Assange." And that particular fellow is accused of rape in Sweden. And so there was a whole lot of coverage over how Sweden defines some things as rape, that wouldn't be defined as rape elsewhere. So the stats actually suggest a _lower_ incidence of rape in Sweden.

Statistics. A useful tool.

Captain Capitalism said...

Save Capitalism,

Then tell the Swedish "special forces" to send there best to my house and try to take me out.

I'd love a show down.


Kristophr said...

Swedish girls are getting raped by Middle Eastern immigrants.


When marxists are afraid of losing elections, they import third worlders, and bribe them with welfare.

Then yell rascist when someone points out that most third world countries are not really civilized.

V10 said...

Ah, Julian Assange...

Funny how the two girls in question were willing sex partners, right up until they found out about each other.

finndistan said...

Many of the rapes that are swept under the rug, that have their perps' pixels bleached are rapes that are categorized as assault rapes, by one or more perpetrators, and the girls usually end up bloody and their life destroyed.

The rapes that are publicized are the ones like Assange's. Sex, drugs, and alcohol... and no phone call the next day.

The Finnish government recently decided to quit putting the rapists' ethnicity to the rape statistics, and the reson read something like "Waaaa haaaa blaaa bluuuu buuuuut unnecessavvvyyy bbllooo blööö"

I feel sorry for the girls that got raped, but neither I, nor anybody I am close to ever has raped or tried to rape a woman, and like that Canadian police officer we are the ones whose words and actions would lower the risk of rape on these women.

But we are the sexists, and the ray-ciss's

In the meantime, the bro's in arms of the feminists are busy raping and assaulting the women that the feminists so much like to proclaim they are fighting for.

I guess you cannot make an omelet without raping a few eggs.

Anonymous said...

Except it is racist, and that's well documented by the Oslo cops! Racist web sites cherry picked a year -- but in that year the overwhelming majority of rapes were by Norwegians! 5 of 6 assault rapes were by Muslim immigrants -- but 5 rapes isn't statistics, you're buried in reportage noise, and presumably it's a hell of a lot easier to catch the non-Norwegian. Or, if you don't believe that, that somebody please explain to me how having five violent rapes in a city the size of Baltimore is an indictment of Nordic feminism and multiculturalism. I mean -- it seems to work, doesn't it? Dallas is about twice that size and had over five hundred rapes the same year!

Aurini said...

If they institute a bachelor tax, I will find a straight roommate and "marry" him.

A lot of other guys will do this, too, ergo such a law won't be passed.

Shot yourselves in the foot, marxists.

Anonymous said...

Rape is a tool of Jihad. Always has been.