Thursday, October 10, 2013

Are the Young Kids Finally Waking Up???

I've seen enrollment dropping for college classes and a general disregard for liberal arts degrees among younger circles.  This is a good thing, too bad it took a generation of older brothers and sisters to get their asses handed to them so their younger siblings wouldn't make the same mistake.

However, this is also heartening.  Younger college students blaming democrats and the left.

I still contend, however, the best allies the republicans and conservatives/liberatarians have would be what would be considered "safe" demographic groups for liberals.  College students and minority males.  But this would require the GOP to wake up and try some new tactics.  Maybe they can nominate another milquetoast nice-haired-billionaire for president.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with learning a trade and earning a good living by being a craftsman ?

You don't need a college degree to study math and physics on your free time after your work shift.

Anonymous said...


Maybe now we can get them to understand it is good* time to start a business.

* good because we are in the information age and start up costs can be low or even zero.

You don't need to worry about being laid off if you have a week-end business.

If you have a business (preferably a corporation)you don't have to worry about employment gaps.

Anonymous said...

I've given up trying to convince the local republicans to reach out to my generation and to minority men. They're not just dismissive of my input, they're rude about it. If it weren't for the insanity of my local democrats and the nonexistence of any cohesive libertarian presence in my area I would switch over.

I don't think it's blindness so much as pride. They've been harping on the current platform for so long that they can't bear to change anything. As an example, take gay marriage. The real conservative position would be to eliminate the entire field of family law and stop legally acknowledging or regulating marriage altogether. George Washington didn't have to get a marriage license, and he didn't get a tax break for marrying Martha. If the republicans devoted all that airtime to, say, reducing social security taxes on the young until such time as we have a better chance of ever receiving a single dime of it in return, they would see a demographic shift bigger than the Tea Party.

If they spent less time talking about small businesses and big banks in the abstract and started talking about specific ways to increase the availability of entry-level, no-experience-required jobs, everyone under 25 would vote republican.

But nah, what could a guy in his mid-twenties possibly no about people in their mid- and early-twenties...

Anonymous said...

But this would require the GOP to wake up and try some new tactics.

The GOP surrendered, again, to Obama today. There is no GOP to try new tactics. We need a SECOND party.

Subotai Bahadur

Anonymous said...

The inner workings of young minds can be difficult to fathom. My step-grandson is pursuing training to become an electrician, and likes it well. His father is an engineer, and in fact he comes from a professional family. I approve his choice, but he has not explained to me or to my wife (his grandmother) why he made it. I do believe that it has something to do with too many women in universities, both as students and as faculty. It is all very effeminate, nice curtains etc., except in engineering and physics to some extent. So if you are a young man and want to become an engineer or applied scientist then university will have its appeal; otherwise, why? The trades are on the whole more lucrative; and not over-run with god damned females and their god-damned nice curtains and neat desks and whatever.