Monday, October 07, 2013

I Was at the Office Today...

I think I may start a new series called "My Office Today" highlighting the benefits of a location independent career.

This was "today's office" over on the west-sayeed visiting a buddy of mine:

Remember kids,

work hard
go to school
go into debt
get a job, but before you get that first paycheck
get a car loan you can barely afford,
get a mortgage
get a wife that doesn't like you
have kids you can't afford
and then get to work at a job you hate in a cubicle

because that's what "contributing members of society" do!

And remember, if you don't succeed at that, then "you just couldn't hack it in the real world" and are a loser.


Sam said...

~Loser in Los Angeles

Jokah Macpherson said...

Me and today's 13 hour workday hate you.

But at least I have no debt or wife or kids.

Jennifer said...

I like that. Lovely view from your office today

leeholsen said...

not bad. i took the day and fed the local squirrels because i can go yrs without a job becuase of my pile of savings. if i can manage to save about twice what i have anytime soon i just may retire.

Izanpo said...

Great philosophy. Dovetails nicely with the whole going galt thing.

The internet is a double-edged sword. It's great vehicle for graphic designers, allowing them to hook up with clients anywhere. Unfortunately, the guy from Bangladesh can do that too - and the big difference is that he can get by just fine on $5 a day. That's why we see a proliferation of $10 logo design jobs on freelance sites like Odesk.

coolstud said...

Same here capt. you got to see this clip hopefully you show everyone.

this clip is about two different type age of girls at the dating scene. The wall is a bitch.

Remo said...

And don't forget that the wife that hates you will then DIVORCE you keeping that house (which you can't afford but will still have to pay for) and that car (which you also can't afford but will still have to pay for. Then you'll get to pay her lawyer, child support until the "kids" are 28, alimony forever, insurance for her forever, childrens insurance of course, social workers, judges, and all sorts of other hangers on and if you miss a payment: prison.

Your taxes will go up dramatically as you don't have her fat non-working self to take off nor any of your kids nor your (now hers) house just you and your 39% tax bill. C.S. is NOT deductible and the court can, with the stroke of a pen and possibly in secret, simply count the alimony AS C.S. for the purposes of taxes.

If you can't meet these burdens of effective 90% taxation (*not a misprint*) you are EVIL and deserve prison. Oh wait no even if you somehow DO meet these burdens you're evil.

So get out there and man up and work like a dog so you too can enjoy the wonders of 3rd world living in a crappy basement while 90+% of your income is taken from you at gun point.

Anonymous said...

Cappy, the whole world doesn't have the ability to go Galt, as you preach. Things are set up in a way that requires the hamsters to hop on the wheel and run all day. In fact, most people are only good for that purpose due to a lack of intellect and ambition. These hamsters are ignorantly happy in their role, so leave things alone and go about your business quietly as a non-hamster.