Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Manosphere Takes Down ABC

And no, that is not hyperbole.  It is fact.  I've never seen such a pathetic and lopsided victory in my life.


Joe America said...

It's 2:30 PM Pacific time, 1200 comments on ABC's site regarding this story so far, it been up lees than a day. Is there any other story they have run getting comments in this volume?

Carl said...

I put a few up there in the last hour and was immediately accosted by a couple white knights. Big fun getting them hyper-emotionally cranked up.

Ecclesiastes said...

Again, you are SO young.

Whatever led to to believe that ABC was a reputable news organization, I mean in a positive reputable way?

Of course it's a hit piece! That all they DO is hit pieces. Have you never been present at ANY of the events they report on?

By the way, allow me to reiterate and illuminate WHY the manosphere is getting this attention: because men don't care what other people's opinions are. We - individually - collect the data, run the numbers, and make a decision. The "Manosphere" exists solely because men noticed that other men had figured out the same thing. The "Manosphere" could evaporate tomorrow and men would still come to the same conclusions, still pursue the same solutions: varying degrees of MGTOW.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention that ABC reporterettes have their panties in a twist, because I would never have noticed otherwise. It gives me a warm feeling. Perhaps someday we can make Oprah cry? *heheheh*

Carl said...

Yea, I had rebuttal comments deleted. I was immediately shamed by a couple dudes who were overly protective, hyper-emotional white knights. I did not take their bait and responded without name calling, but I was sure to point out their raised shield and steady sword in front of the defenseless women. Their comments withstood the intern reaper; mine, not so much.

Even the dude I rebutted pointed it out as wrong.

evilwhitemalempire said...

I waited and waited and the piece never came.

That was two months ago.

Now they’re finally doing it.

I thought the reason for the delay was because some higher up stopped them at the last minute realizing that no matter how they spun it, it would put AVFM (and by extension the entire manosphere) on the map.

I guess I gave the left credit for more brains than they actually have.

Because now they really ARE going to put the manosphere on the map!

There’s no such thing as bad press.

Hell, ‘bad press’ was how I was first introduced.

Back in 2010, I was blogging about something unrelated and stumbled upon Lady Rain’s site.

She was ranting and raving about these PUA guys and about how they were cheating women out of their God given right to a man’s love, money, and attention blah blah blah oh, the humanity!

And I thought hmmmmm, sounds interesting!

And from there the Pandora’s Box was opened.

evilwhitemalempire said...

Uh, I think I just double posted.

Sorry about that.

Unknown said...

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JoeAmerica said...

Dealing with other stories having nothing remotely to do with men's issues and it is much the same. Really formally main stream media has more in common with low grade tabloids of 25 years ago. There is little in the way of critical thinking and even worse than tabloids they are very easily duped.