Saturday, October 19, 2013

Liberalism Really is a Mental Disorder

I have no patience for delusion or intellectual dishonesty.  It's largely why I don't have any liberal or leftists friends and if I do, they are honest people, but misinformed and haven't spent the time needed to become an informed citizen.  Heck, I can't even say that as nearly every one of my liberal friends in college are now libertarian or conservative.  Regardless, the reason I do not brook intellectual dishonesty of delusion is because I am sane.  I am an adult.  I live in the real world.

This cannot be said of the vast majority of leftists and liberals.

This isn't to slam on them.  This isn't to over simplify an issue in order to dismiss an entire ideology.

It's true. 

Leftists do not adhere to reality or act like adults.

You see this everyday and it gets frustrating.

Liberal - "We need to spend more money"

You - "How much more?"

Liberal - "I um...don't know. BUT WE NEED MORE!"

You - "How can you advocate spending more when you don't even know what we spend in the first place?"

Or another.

Liberal - "Racism is why the blacks aren't doing well as whites."

You - "While racism may exist in the form of Cletus the trailer park schmuck in Casper, Wyoming, the real reason blacks suffer such lower standards of living is because they have a 70% illegitimate birth rate."

Liberal - "RACIST!!!"

Had I still some hope for the future of the country, I might care to try to convince or explain to my leftist brothers and sisters why they're wrong, but you can't because...

they have a mental condition.

I don't know about you, but my time is precious to me, and if I can't convince somebody with statistics, logic, reason and reality, then I'm never going to convince them.  Some idiots recently made some comments on my youtube video about "The Reality Principle."  They essentially said that they agreed with my concept (that you shoudl live in reality), but that i was completely forgetting the humanity aspect of humans. That they have emotions.  And in ignoring that part, I was wrong.

It was such idiotic and outlandish bullshit because they actually think their feelings and emotions are just as valid as reality.

You - "Look out!  Here comes a train!"

Liberal - "Yeah, but I feel that the train isn't coming."

Of course, that analogy is a bit simple and outlandish, but consider feminists (the most psychologically damaged of them all) who have gone to such delusional lengths as to claim things like the scientific method and math is sexist.  So exactly how do you argue with them?

You can't.

You can't argue or debate an insane person.

What I find particularly interesting, not to mention scary at the same time, is just what a high percentage of the population has this mental condition.  Yes, a lot of it is just brainwashing.  The young 21 year old suburbanite girl majoring in philosophy may not actually have a mental condition.  Yes, the young black man is likely to blame everything on racism, because of brainwashing.  But what gets me is when this brainwashing solidifies, rendering them imperviousness to any attempt to an alternative explanation of reality.  At this point I don't know if it's brainwashing or an actual mental problem, but it still presents me the same problem (though I've had better luck getting some of our black brothers to wake up than Tilly the English Major).  Ultimately, I fear the liberal zombie (which I've written about before) where you're no longer dealing with a sane human, capable of reason and independent thought, but a highly functional zombie that doesn't want to eat your brains, as much as they want to take your money.

Thank god I have neither.


Rumbear said...

You - "Look out! Here comes a train!"

Liberal - "Yeah, but I feel that the train isn't coming."

That right there is what ya call....profound.

Anonymous said...

"forgetting the humanity aspect of humans. That they have emotions. And in ignoring that part, I was wrong."

You mentioned something that remembers me about the time when I encountered few gay people. Although I've been living years in London, the capital of gay people I've encountered only two of them and I could tell in my mind from the start there is something wrong with them. One of the things was this humanity part that you mention. I don't accuse anyone for being gay but they were too monopolizing the conversation, and that was a waste of time for me. Very greedy! Like women. As if I cared about their sexuality.

The other gay men I met, was supposed to be a work mate when I was looking for a job, but after he revealed that he is gay and finding out that I'm not, he dismissed me saying that the employer will not be interested. This trick of revealing your gay sexuality and expecting the other to do the same is clever but it is a form of sexism from their side, I think its safe to make the generalization. In the end gay people are the ones moaning just like women. I'm sorry but I think nature got it wrong there, I'm not my business what they do, nor do I believe in governments.

One more thing before I end. It seems to me that all the wrong things cluster in the same pole. Its easy to look at someone who has many problems to generalize that she or he has all the other problems.

In anonymity we trust!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the decline and liberals and the idea that liberalism should be entered as a disorder in DSM , two asshats in the WaPo penned a BS piece that, um, America is not in a decline...good thing the comments reflect reality.

Izanpo said...

Amen to that! Everything is emotion with progressives - don't confuse them with facts or logic.

I was having a debate with a boomer generation liberal about Obama-Care.

I mentioned a recently watched Dennis Miller segment in which he said something to the effect of..

"...the fact that the president himself opted out of Obama-Care tells you everything you need to know about it."

The boomer liberal's gibberish reply was that the senators opted out of Obama-Care because they didn't want to alienate their constituents. This came right after he said that Americans were solidly behind Obama-Care. (It doesn't have to make sense.)

Any person with one iota of common sense knows that this thing is going to be a royal clusterf**k on a level never seen before. It will have a devastating effect on an already struggling economy, and unimaginable strain on a bankrupt government. The cost of healthcare is going to skyrocket, and more people than ever before are going to be shut out.

But you can't say any of those things to a progressive. It's meaningless to them. All they know is that everybody has healthcare now weeeeeee!...and anybody who questions or criticizes this divine social policy is a Nazi who wants people to die.

earl said...

Emotions are the liberal's god.

They think we are wackos because we don't follow emotion but reality. We have just as much emotion as they do...but we keep it in the correct context. It submits.

And that's all they got in an argument...if you are winning they will insult your ego.

SM777 said...

I have met a few Cletus's, the trailer park schmucks and they have a far greater grasp on reality than any liberal I know (incl. my relatives).

The liberals will shortly be forced to wise up, whether they like it or not. The Great American Asskicking is coming over the horizon.........

ELC said...

Abraham Lincoln: "If a man will stand up and assert, and repeat, and re-assert, that two and two do not make four, I know nothing in the power of argument that can stop him."

October 16, 1854; Speech on the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Peoria, Illinois; Speeches and Writings, Volume I, page 347; Collected Works, Volume II, page 283; originally in Illinois Journal, October 21-28, 1854.

Real Lincoln Quotes

977491 said...

"Ultimately, I fear the liberal zombie (which I've written about before) where you're no longer dealing with a sane human, capable of reason and independent thought, but a highly functional zombie that doesn't want to eat your brains, as much as they want to take your money.

Thank god I have neither."

So... you have neither brains nor money? Surely I'm misunderstanding you here...

Dave said...

Our leftist ruling class is rushing blindly into another September 11. Not 9/11/2001, but 9/11/1973. No leftist can recall that dark day without falling into paroxysms of impotent rage:

A democratic country elects a Socialist president. The economy collapses and the currency becomes worthless. Deposed by Congress and the military, the president says a tearful goodbye and commits suicide. Thousands of leftists are rounded up and executed, and the economy makes a spectacular recovery.

And it was all planned 5000 miles away by Nixon and the CIA. Curse those right-wingers for being so competent!

leeholsen said...

to normal people, i call them useful idiots; to themselves i just let them rant.

i mean what person that is paying attention to a doubling of debt in 5 yrs, healthcare that is wrecking healthcare and a knuckling under of the usa to anyone in a country bigger than rhode island doesnt see that the pinnacle of liberalism, which is where the usa is now; is taking the usa down from the count ?

only a useful idiot watching this daily would think things are going well.

i sure wish every conservative would move to canada, so we could take it over and start new.

Gagdad Bob said...

Found my way here via American Digest. Something tells me you'll enjoy my post on Progressive Personality Disorder.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism , what I call "Cry-Baby-Liberalism" is a self-destructive ideology built on a foundation of lies. It is the lifeblood of these child-minded zombie's in adult bodies. Don't be fooled by their faux-naiveté. They know GDW what they are doing and they are doing it deliberately. It is a scorched earth policy for the child-minded shiftless class. Their intention is to burn the MF'er down so everyone is equally miserable. "HA...HA...for you" they would laugh. This is the warped dream of CBL class. What does a lay-about have to loose? They want, without work. They want, that which is not theirs. They Want...Want...Want. To Have-it-All is Lord-of-Lies promise to those that would do his bidding. His gift to them is the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet-of-Devils-Vice for Free. Only the corrupt, crooked warped and wicked mind of a CBL could take up such a Faustian-Bargain. There may very well be some useful-young-idiots in the mix but, that's no excuse for abdication of reason. We are at War. This is the War of the Civilized Man against his Feral Foe. CBL's are easy-as-pie to diagnose. Look for the person who Deifies Evil and Demonizes Goodness. There is the enemy of the well lit path.

mina smith said...

right on, man. this link:

cannot get passed around enough.

many (if not most) women are liberals. many (if not most) white knights are liberals.
many (if not most) man and individual rights supporters are conservatives.

There is so much great stuff in this research and on his site to fight the liberals I can barely contain my enthusiasm for debating them of late.

I have been vacationing the past week but before I left I spent an inordinate amount of time baiting them, then debating them and practicing. His stuff, crazy as it sounds, works. Like nothing you have ever done before.

glinda said...

Emotional thinking:

A liberal bases all their decisions on how they feel or emotions.

A conservative integrates emotions into a logical process that takes all factors into account.

To summarize one (the liberal) uses a similiar method as a child would) while the other (conservative) uses a far more intellectual process.

A child (Liberal) having a tantrum is rarely if ever RIGHT