Monday, October 07, 2013

Boys, NEVER Buy a Fancy Car to Impress Chicks

The best part is the 8:00-9:13.  Doesn't have anything to do with cars, but it's funny.


Adam Lawson said...

Wish I had a picture of my face when I first read this and thought the headline said a fancy cat. I thought, "Jesus, some dudes have awful game._

leeholsen said...

2nd the sentiment. i drive a 2004 jeep and it has no debt an avg of 6,000 miles per yr because my goal is to have a house on a lake stocked full of cigars, newcastle beer and one great dog. a woman is welcome to join if she wants a guy like that, but the days are over where i work 7 days a week and drop 50% of my earnings on someone that expects 50% because she's got a decent rack.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

THIS is the car I want:

I bet the status of this car would never go out of fashion.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows you have to buy a motorcycle to impress women.