Tuesday, October 01, 2013

You Can't Find a Man in the Bakken Oil Field????

for the Patron Saint's name of Frick.

In a state where men are regularly pulling in $100K+ and there are 5 men for every woman, and you still can't find a man?

And just when I think, "You know, we've said our peace and we can cut back now."

And mercy, could it get any more stereotypical???

36, yoga instructor.


Enjoy that decline fellas.  Enjoy that freaking decline!


Anonymous said...

Sure there is a shortage of women in North Dakota. But my God, who would marry let alone date, a nut case like that?

There was a time, when dressing up in a wedding gown and marring yourself, was a ticket to the insane asylum. Now a days, she ends up on national television. Go figure.

Aaron said...

You missed it Cap. She's a divorcee who lost her kids to her husband in the divorce. In this day and age, it takes a batshit crazy woman to drive the courts into giving the children to the dad, so.. yeah. No one wants her, and for good reason.

Like a G-6 said...

"There was a time, when dressing up in a wedding gown and marring yourself, was a ticket to the insane asylum. Now a days, she ends up on national television. Go figure."

That's because this whole damned country is an insane asylum!

Paul, Dammit! said...

Wait, let me laugh even harder...

OK. In a place where 200lb women who bathe daily are 'a good catch,..."

Lord. Precious Q. Snowflake must cuddle her 20 cats fiercely as she cries her way through a gallon of Breyer's every night.

If my wife goes first, I'm going to become a Fundie Mormon so I can marry my wallet and BOTH my hands.

Unknown said...

Yoga teacher...children wanted to live with the father...all any man needs to know.

Amethyst said...

To be fair, most roughneckers in the oil field aren't looking to marry. They're just there to make bank. But a prostitute would certainly have no trouble getting rich in that neck of the woods. (Of course, if you're so ugly that no one even wants to rent your body, then you're a bit out of luck.)

Maximo Macaroni said...

Dog in the flipping manger.

beta_plus said...

Holy manjaw batman!

. said...

There is such a site about men from Ft. McMurray!

Steve from Site!

Although, after having lived in Ft. Mac for a while, I have to laugh at its truthfulness. Nearly every guy I met at the pub there was 1). A Newfie. 2). Worked at Site and drove truck for $200,000/yr, and 3). Offered to take any girl he seen at the pub to Mexico during his next off-shift.

I laugh every time I watch these videos. They are so close to the truth, you just can't help yourself!

. said...

Lol! That site cracks me up! So true!

Oops! Steve makes $250,000/yr. And he will lend you his Suncor jacket so you too can get laid at the Oilcan Pub!

Faithless cynic said...

Self marraige works! All she needs is a vibrator and a case of AA batteries :-)

Anonymous said...

What does empowering mean? I see that phrase being used a lot by these types of women.... What does it mean for them? Do they suddenly grok themselves? (that's an old sci-fi word that means total understanding) When they feel empowered does that mean they suddenly can make their own decisions? Does it mean they suddenly understand they don't need to get blatto to be a person?
Inquiring minds and all that jazz.


Pax Empyrean said...

I'm not sure if this is more pathetic or less pathetic than those Japanese guys who marry girls from dating sims.

It's about equally crazy, but has that extra narcissistic twist that just makes it that much worse.

Father Marker said...

I'm wondering if someone told her to "Go fuck yourself!" and after pondering the problem she concluded that this could be done by marrying herself.