Saturday, October 26, 2013

But "It's For the Children"

I crack me up.


mkfreeberg said...

Ya wanna make a conservative mad, lie to him. Wanna make a liberal made, tell 'im the truth.

Conservatives seek to start debate before the spiffy new plan goes live, asking things like Prof. Sowell's three questions: "Compared to what," "at what cost," and "what hard evidence do you have." Liberals seek to end debate before, during, and after the implementation of said spiffy new plan. "For the children" is just one tactic they have among many. "You're a rac/sex/ist" comes to mind as yet another.

coolstud said...

“If you structure your taxes so that you do not get a refund, you do not have to buy insurance and you do not have to pay a fine 'cause they can't collect it from you if you don't have a refund due. And that is just another nail in the coffin of Obamacare imploding on itself.”

Dan said...

It is hard to structure your taxes that way since if you work for an employer the IRS can adjust withholding. However, you can self-insure under ERISA and don't have to worry about refunds.

Phil Galt said...

Hmm...lets take a variant of that idea: You can explain any atrocity by adding the words "because you hate women!".

For example. You don't want to VAWA to pass because you hate women! You refuse to see Eat Pray Love, because you hate women! You refuse to fund/subsidize single mothers because you hate women!