Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ladies, Just Dye Your Hair

So I'm watching "The Property Brothers," which I will standby because I like the show, even though I know it is nothing but eye candy for women watching "John and Drew."  Regardless, the "contestants" come on and I had to snap a photo (because I couldn't find a picture on the internet of the couple)

Alright class, shall we?

#1. The woman is not old.  Like Steve Martin she is pre-maturely gray.  if you look at her face you can see she is not a day over 40, she just has bad "hair genetics."

#2.  She is actually quite pretty...if you can get past the gray hair.

#3.  Yes, the husband the entire time fit every stereotype you could imagine as did she.

#4  The husband, is actually not ugly himself.  Handsome if he got rid of the Beatles cut and hit the gym.

#5.  She was a little overweight.  Say 30 pounds.

Put this altogether and what you have s a very important lesson for both men and women, namely:

A little bit goes a long way.


How hard?

And for that little expenditure of effort you could see her improving DRAMATICALLY.

Same thing for the guy.

Get rid of the 70's hair cut and the pedophile attire, hit the gym, BLAMO!

Hot couple on the block!

But no.  No no no no no.

If you saw the two interact you would KNOW the lady, "loves the way she is and if society can't accept her then blah blah blah blah blah."

The guy, "Well, I'm in charge of the money and well yeah, I guess we can blah blah blah blah."

The only reason I'm writing this is I see two GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE hidden in a thin veil of laziness.  and that is the lesson you should take from this.  Just a little effort people, just a little freaking effort, and the pay off would be amazing.

But no, I know, I know.  Your ego and emotion is all that matters.  Looks are shallow.  Who wants looks when you can have mundacity and mediocrity and not look like a million bucks walking down the street.



Daniel D said...


It might be that she dyed her hair grey. Please see the eyebrows which are darker (and normally not dyed). This makes it even worse as she actually wanted to look that way.

Daniel D said...

She looks like that on purpose. Only she left out the eyebrows.

Amy said...

Yes, what Daniel said.

Even prematurely gray, you'd see some evidence of her natural hair color. If she was going gray and decided to "own" it, she went and had it dyed. The highlights are done exceptionally well; seldom does gray hair look so good. And I say "good" in the sense of it has all the characteristics of a good dye job - even tone, highlighting, shiny, no blotchy patches where the dye didn't stick or cover hair evenly.

Another possibility: she has cancer or is going through chemo/radiation. It's a long shot possibility, but some people don't lose their hair to chemo. Instead it turns grey, or they lose their hair and when it grows back in, it comes in grey. Happened to two women I knew who had ovarian cancer, so perhaps its the specific drugs they use to combat that cancer as most breast cancer patients I know lose their hair rather than have it turn grey. Chemo/radiation also makes you gain weight.

Just sayin, good Cap.

Captain Capitalism said...


It makes it even more disgusting!!!

AJ Popo said...

Who doesn't love John and Drew?

earl said...

"Your ego and emotion is all that matters."

And since this is becoming acceptable have taken on these traits too.

Time for the ego self destruction if you want true freedom.

Anonymous said...

Actually, property brothers and that Homes Inspection show are the only real estate shows out of a few dozen that I've watched an actually learned something.

I would have to give Homes Inspection a A+++

Anonymous said...

Her hair might be that way naturally. My uncle and all of his sisters went "silver" before they turned 30. Their eyebrows remained dark like the rest of their Italian family. The women did not dye their hair. Dye jobs cost a fortune (ones that look good anyway). They went with the grey and it actually looked very nice.

LordSomber said...

I tried to capitalize on this trend with the Freedom-Do™.

The Freedom-Do™ -- “Freedom Means Letting Yourself Go”