Saturday, October 05, 2013

To Defend Capitalism and Defeat Socialism - Series

Several of my youtube subscribers/viewers have asked about the "Capitalism/Socialism" speech I delivered several years back.  They said it was private, but it seems to work for me.  Regardless, the speech is probably some of my finer work and certainly one of the most comprehensive presentations/arguments I've ever put together, not to mention a ton of succinct economic data.

If you are new to economics and politics, not to mention, just looking for some clear empirical data and arguments about capitalism and socialism, this video series would be it.  Will save you a ton of time and trouble trying to read a score of books.  It is unfortunately spread across multiple videos, but you can click from one to the next.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


Anonymous said...

I have watched the capitalism video series twice and you need to write a book about all that. turn the video series into a book. Also as a 100% straight male, Aaron you look much more handsome with that short haircut and facial hair. You look very masculine and like a badass that could kick ass or something. 100% no homo at all , you look like a dude in those videos. Your current look with long hair is not as handsome. Just being honest but in that video is a better look for you.

Again I'm 150% straight

I disagree with however on abortion and I'm not sold on gay marriage either. Abortion these days is out of control and it's disgusting in my opinion.

baz said...

^^^^^ is a homo

but srsly, cut hair & write book

Hateful Heretic said...

The fact that socialism is still intellectually acceptable in most liberal arts departments shows just how intellectually bankrupt most of academia is.

Anonymous said...

Obligatory no homo

I also wanted to comment that you look really sharp in the videos, way better than in your recent ones. No Homo. There's nothing wrong with the way you look now, but you are a good 2 points better looking in the videos. I would say the sharp clothes make a difference as well, but the hair is way better.

A Man for All Seasons

boze said...

Cap, right up your alley; OBAMACARE PHONES!

Pete Brewster said...

Defeat socialism? Why? Socialism defeats itself. In socialist countries, where nobody has an incentive to do anything useful, eventually all the capital accumulated by the capitalist order that came before is consumed.

Eventually, socialist nations run out of other people's money, having run out of stuff to pawn to the global banks for hard cash. After that one of two things happen:

a) The people either get rid of their socialist rulers and return to capitalism (Eastern Europe).

b) Everyone who can leave and has anywhere else to go runs like hell (Detroit). Everyone else starves to death (North Korea).

Socialism always destroys itself, sooner or later. In principle, all normal people have to do to defeat it is outlive it.

Problem is, socialists have a nasty habit of trying to take everyone else to hell with them---and banks have a habit of trying to collect on the debts racked up by socialists.

Unless, and until, they can get yourself a safe distance from the socialist hellhole you were born in, most people won't have the luxury of enjoying the decline over a twenty or thirty year supply of popcorn. Thanks to globalism, there's not many places left to flee to that have been completely spared the effects of socialist and feminist propaganda, and most of those are pretty rough places. Only the hardiest MGHOW would be tempted by most of them.

The Plague Doctor said...

"150% straight"

Translation: 100% straight and 50% banging dudes on the side.

Anonymous said...

+1 for "cut hair & write book"

Also, why don't you re-upload your presentations in one piece?