Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A Classic to Irk Your Lefty Friends With

This seems to have had a bit of a resurgence


wanderling said...

Not sure I agree that social workers and English teachers produce nothing.

Social workers who find alternate, functioning, families for abused and neglected children contribute to "producing" future functioning "producers" for society WHO WILL PAY TAX to build your roads etc.

Sure they could perhaps leave them where they are, but then those children would probably either die and thus you'll lose a potential future producer and taxpayer or they'll end up in jail and your taxes which could be spent on roads will instead be spent on their prison food.
Ultimately you have decide what's more important, or cost effective, I guess, I mean hey, you're supposed to be the economist here.

English teachers. Not all children's primary language at home is English and even when it is, most kids aren't taught by their parents how to spell every single word there may be, how to read or write proper. like. If you get my drift.

Maybe that doesn't matter to you, maybe you think working in an economy where we all rely on the written word via email, text and paper and where it would be nice if the person writing to us could actually make some fucking sense in their sentence structure, isn't such a big deal. Maybe you think the economy would function better if we all used hieroglyphics.

Aaron - Libertarian Conspirator said...

Always fun to watch your vids, Aaron.

I highly recommend watching Bill Whittle's Eat the Rich as well.