Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Captain Needs Help

Greetings All,

Your beloved ole Captain needs some help and he'd just consult his beloved readership.

1.  I need a model of the female persuasion for a non-puritanical, but tasteful photo.

2.  I need a doctor who can help me cut costs for some basic preventative medicine/screening stuff, by bypassing all the damn clinics in town asking me for my social security number, previous records, regulatory bs, etc. etc.

3.  I need an artist who can draw this style of art:

You may e-mail the Captain at







Anonymous said...

you might be looking for something like this...

Anonymous said...

Just a friendly heads up, the link to the art you mentioned appears not to work. I get a message that says "referral denied" when clicking on it. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm zero for three. and the link is refused/rejected or whatever.

Anonymous said...

"hey baby it's cool, i'm all checked out by a real doctor and everything, see? yeah face that a way, the name of the game is 'tasteful'."

"what's your name again?"

"call me captain-- louder."

also that image appears to not allow just anyone to look.

Anonymous said...

if you copy and paste the image url it works, just not as a referral from your site.

Anonymous said...

On the medical thing, just tell them you haven't seen any medical professionals in your adult life and make up a number.

The other two items seem to be a job for craigslist.

Anonymous said...

If you are paying in cash, the SSN doesn't matter. They don't actually check lol. <--Knows from experience.

Anonymous said...

Here's a clinic in Burnsville, MN that charges $55 for an office visit.

In my experience, if you're paying cash, no medical provider requires a SSN. Just write "not provided" in the form.