Saturday, June 08, 2013

Kick Ass Father's Day Gifts #4

Shaving kit (as recommended by a reader)

Old Man Cologne that reminds their daughters of when dad was young and reminds mom of when dad was hot.  My female friend recommends Aramis, but you can get Polo and Drakar and other old timer cologne.  Heck, you can get him Brut!  However, if you Cappy Cap ladies want to see what the Captain smells like, then I recommend "Man."

Air Compressor

And because your dad is the only person in the world as cool as Steve McQueen, the ultimate Steve McQueen collection.


Anonymous said...

I'll take the air compressor. I don't wash very much, so the cologne would be a waste.

Anonymous said...

Hai Karate

SQT said...

Someone may have already suggested it, but American Gun by Chris Kyle ("American Sniper") was just published. I'm sure his widow could use the money since that a**hole Jesse Ventura just sued her. Anyway- I'm buying my husband a copy.