Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why Black Men Can't Compete

Let's call him "Bill."

It wasn't his name, but I don't care to identify him and give him more grief than what he's already in for.

I met Bill watching over him while working a prisoner shift at a "place."

Over the course of these shifts we get to know the prisoners if they're the talkative types quite well.  And Bill was talkative.

He had himself a girlfriend.  Thought he was in love.  Until he came home one day and she was with another guy.  Bill went into a rage, thus leading to the opportunity for Bill and I to get acquainted.  Turns out this has happened before to Bill.  Not specifically that he came home and caught his girl cheating, but that women would date him for a while and then leave him for another man.

What was interesting, however, was that though Bill was no saint, he was no grandiose sinner either.  He was also quite personable, seemed sane, and after talking to him for 8 hours I got the impression it was unfortunate events like this that landed him in the slammer.  Theoretically, I wondered, if the first girl  hadn't done this to him years back, would he have gone down this path and would we have ever become acquainted?  Regardless, I could not see why this guy would have girls leave him for other men so regularly.

One other thing about Bill, he was black.

Now before we let the brainwashing the socialist public schools, media and society have forced on us to immediately have a knee jerk reaction and start slinging accusations of racism around please shut up, engage your adult mind, and listen, for this is an important point I'm trying to make and has a lesson in it for all of us.

So my little detective brain started to piece together a theory.  Bill was short, wasn't terribly successful in life, was a little younger than myself.  So I took a gamble:

"How tall was the guy she left you for?"

Bill said, "I don't know, 6'."

"Have all the guys girls have left you for been taller?"

"Yeah, pretty much," he said.

And so I said to myself "hmmmm...."

WAs this proof positive of hypergamy running rampant in our society?  Proof positive that the women that dumped Bill for other men wanted to date taller fellows?

No, but it was yet another bit of anecdotal evidence that would raise a brow and an anecdote that made me think some things through for our black brothers as Bill drifted off to sleep for the next 6 hours.

"Hypergamy" if you are unaware of, is the theory/fact (depending on who you ask) that women like to marry "up."  They want a guy who makes more money, who has a higher status, who drives a nicer car, etc. etc. Because it suggests women (in general) have less-than-pure or ulterior motives, it is thus taboo to suggest a thing in brainwashed and politically correct "polite" society, but since I don't care about feelings and only care about the truth, it is a phenomenon as blatantly obvious as the sun.

Is hypergamy "wrong" or even "bad?"  No, it's a fact of life, it is the nature of women.  It is a naturally developed trait that has evolved for good reason over the eons, a reason we may not fully understand.

However, when hypergamy is combined with societal, sociological or political changes, it can spell disaster.  And such is the case for our black brothers.

Understand the single most important thing in life is other human beings.  They are the most advanced, dynamic and changing entities on the planet. Again, you can have the latest version of Grand Theft Auto with the most advanced X-Box system, it pales in comparison to another human being that is not a finite or programmed entity.  It is because humans are changing, dynamic and mentally infinite, you can love them.  Be it either your children (who will continue to amaze you with their antics, advancements, and mental wonderings) or your friends (who challenge your thought, stimulate your mind and provide you comradery) you can establish a personal relationship with them, a relationship you cannot establish with an inanimate object.  However, more important than all that is the relationship you will have with your spouse/loved one.  It is a different love and one that is not rivaled and is one of the key sources of happiness.  And thus why women are so important to men in life.

However, if you wish to attract a quality woman, all the wonderful personality in the world will not matter.  You need to accept and incorporate the reality of hypergamy into your strategy otherwise you will fail.  This is a good thing for it forces men to strive and work hard.  It forces them to create, innovate, discipline and improve themselves so that they may have a wonderful woman in their life.  Matter of fact, you could make a very reasonable claim that nearly all advances and creations in society are at least partly due to hypergamy.  Regardless, the instinctual, biologically hard-wired rules are that men must strive, produce, and succeed in life to attract a quality woman.

But what if extraneous sociological, psychological or even political factors are combined with the hypergamous nature of women and disturb this natural balance?  What if something were to happen to society where women's hypergamy was tinkered with?  There is no "what if."  It's happening in American black culture today.

What we have today (in the black community) is "hyper-hypergamy."  Women are no longer satisfied with a hard working electrician or a mild-mannered accountant.  They are not satisfied with a stable guy, with regular income.  They are not satisfied with a regular Joe who works hard and does his best.  Media, society, and other sociological entities have created in their minds the idea that it's "a rap star or nothing."  That it's a "professional athlete" or nothing.  This puts the VAST majority of black men (and boys) in an impossible situation.

They simply can't compete.

How does Bill compete with Kanye West?

How does the average black man compete with LeBron James?

How does the local average high school black boy compete with his drug-dealing counterpart glorified in rap videos and media?

It's simple.

They can't.

They don't have millions.  They don't have fame.  Just like every other race, the vast majority of them are just regular schmoes like us.  Not rock stars, not athletes, not movie stars.

But there is another entity black men are competing against for the affect of their ladies that puts the likes of LeBron James to shame and makes Kanye West look like a putz.  Matter of fact, you could take all of the athletes, rock stars, rap stars, and romanticized thugs, purify their "higher status" and breed a genetically modified "super-athlete-rap-star-alpha Denzel Washington" type and it would still pale in comparison to this irresistible entity.  And truth be told, it was what instigated black women to go into "hyper-hypergamy" in the first place and (in my humble opinion) is the core of the cause for black's relative "last place" in society

The federal government or "the state."

Understand the state has decimated the black community by corrupting hypergamy in women in three ways.

First, in in the state providing the basics in terms of food, clothing and shelter, women no longer need a man for these basic necessities.  Normally and historically, this was provided by the man, but with these necessities taken care of, women can now afford to demand even more from their men.

"What, you're just going to provide me a house, pay for my food, and pay for utilities?  Barack Obama and the state already does that!  What ELSE are you going to bring to the table?"

This puts black men in a nearly impossible situation because black men have simply been replaced by the government.  Since the man's job WAS to provide a stable living, providing things like food, clothing, shelter, etc., with that gone these men must go into hyperdrive and outperform in other areas (fame, athleticism, brute display of strength, etc.).  Mathematically, only a certain amount of men can become professional athletes, rap stars, or what have you.  The rest, sadly, "die trying."

Second, it is IMPOSSIBLE to compete against the government.  The government has TRILLIONS of dollars every year that politicians are only more than willing to spend on women and children.  How does the average black man with a respectable $17/hour job compete against Barack Obama promising trillions of dollars for black women and their children?  And worse still, while the Kobe Bryants and Kanye Wests of the world will attract the hottest and top females in the black community, the federal government sops up the remaining 99% of regular women that regular men would have normally attracted, leaving the vast majority of regular Joe black men destitute, lacking romantic meaning in life, and without families of their own.  And without that, what incentive does your average black man have to go and make something of himself?

Third, this government entitlement/subsidy WORSENS the quality and caliber of women.  Whereas a husband or potential suitor in the past would hold their wives or potential spouses to certain standards, the state holds them to none.  Worse still, the worse-behaved and more screwed up you are, the MORE the state will provide for you.  This only reinforces low-quality behavior and in a cartel-like way, lowers the quality men get to choose from.

Now, while I am focusing on black men, don't for a second think it only applies to them. Understand I only  highlight them because it is our black brothers who are furthest down this rabbit hole.

If you look at illegitimate births (or any other sociological ailment) as a proxy for the level at which the government is replacing men, "sugar daddy government" is, frankly, stealing all races of all men's women at an increasing pace.  Whites, latinos, indians, you name it.  Ergo, this is not a "black" problem, it is a problem for all men (and truthfully) all women.  It's just the likes of Bill are the proverbial canary in the mine shaft.


Anonymous said...

Since Bill was small your guess that the men who replaced him were taller was not particularly astute. It's the same as if you are holding a three of clubs in your hand and you predict that the next few cards are going to be higher.

And of course women prefer taller men, just as men prefer prettier women. It's to do with genetic fitness. The difference in height between the sexes shows that taller men have generally monopolised the available women and passed on their taller genes to their sons.

NormalGuy said...

Yep, end all welfare and all government interference at all levels.

Get government out of our lives and out of relationships.

What the hell is government doing in there in the first place?!

Borepatch said...

Great post

SM777 said...

From what I recall, the former Pres. Lyndon Johnson (D-TX) was the one who set up the original fedgov(tm) welfare state. Also, from what I understand, this "welfare state" was originally targeted at afro-americans, especially in the inner-cities and which has almost completely done away with the afro-american family unit. (ie. single "parent" - read mother, households) This would explain the noted phenomenon with afro-american women and the gang problem with the men.

Finally, I had read in several documents that Lyndon Johnson was a member of the TX Ku Klux Klan before he went into politics.

Oh Well, it's probably just a coincidence along with those other unintended consequences...........

noize said...

it's even worse than that. there are those who would try to convince you that we don't even exist.

Anonymous said...

What has been done to the African-American community is a test drive for what is to happen to the rest of society. The state, in order to truly rule, must be the 'provider' of everything. This very same thing is now being done to the white population, look at the percentage of women getting degrees, worthless or otherwise, compared to men. Look at who unemployment has mostly affected.

The machinery of totalitarian control is being quietly put into place. But in order to succeed, the populace needs to first be devastated, and second, dis-armed.

As Steely Dan said in the song Kid Charlemange, "You are obsolete, look at all the white men on the street."

JoeG said...

my quick response is that although it would only be one piece of the puzzle, there might be some truth in what you are saying about black women mate selection. the greater problem I believe is that even without the money and the status, black women seem to prefer black men with "an edge" even more so than other ethnicities. This is true even of the college educated "good girls." They wanted a college educated black man, but a college educated black with "an edge." The big problem that arises is that being a black man with and "an edge" can be very hazardous to you health, wealth and freedom.

Unknown said...

Hypergamy? I never thought of that, but that makes a whole lot of sense. The welfare state, as you said, has a lot to do with it too. I think Walter Williams went into a lot of reasons why this is happening so much in the Black community and gave a bunch of good explanations too.

Eric Hennigan said...

You're late to this conclusion. Take a gander at Sweeden to see how accepting welfare allows the state to distort your life. The state's encroachment through welfare is really quite insidious in its subtlety.

What Has Government Done to Our Families?

Matt said...

Sixty percent of births among women in their early twenties are out of wedlock.

Why get together with a boring, responsible man when you can have alpha bad boy spawn?

And why worry if the alpha bad boy doesn't want to take care of your child? There's an even bigger alpha bad boy who can use violence to give you whatever you want. Want free housing, food, schooling, health care, retirement, etc? Just vote for Barack Obama. And if you think that alpha bad boy is opposed to violence, just see what happens when you stop paying your taxes.

When women don't marry a responsible man, they'll marry the government.

Anonymous said...

When the government and corporations want to try new ways of fucking over the general public, they experiment on the black communities first. The bullshit that has historically happen to Black Americans, is now happening to ALL Americans.

Karl said...

Great Post Captain!

One lesson from my communism studies was the term "Moral Nihilism". The author's definition:

The rejection of traditional family and religious values.

The author said this was a key common trait between the Nazi's and the Soviets the last century.

Replace God with government.

Replace Fathers with government.

Then you may introduce socialism to the ripe and compliant masses.

I wouldn't be wearing my Commie Obama hat today if I didn't think Moral Nihilism is the grand plan for all of us. FORWARD!

Anonymous said...

Highly original post which complements the work of Dr. Helen Smith.

Unknown said...

We're seeing an acceleration of this across the board. As men check out, it will be interesting to see where the women turn. The state is great but as yet, comes with little or no BLING. Where do you go when the BLING suppliers wise up and go Galt.

I'm thinking state sponsored hookers. It will be tragic for both the real professional ladies. And not much better for the men that use them (state hookers that is).

You'll notice I didn't invoke the children - because the truth is - Neither the state nor the women it marries gives a rats ass about children.

Stretch said...

I was a corrections officer with the Richmond (VA) Sheriffs Dept. back in the late '70s. Even then, with less than 15 years of the "Great Society," families had all but disappeared from Richmond's blue collar neighborhoods.
Crack made its appearance and pretty much destroyed the youth of both lower and middle-class blacks.
Now, over 30 years later, I see the successful reduction of an entire race (statistically speaking)back to dependency on Da Masta. LBJ must be laughing his ass off.

Kristophr said...

Richaed Blaine: I'm thinking state sponsored hookers. It will be tragic for both the real professional ladies. And not much better for the men that use them (state hookers that is).

George Orwell is way ahead of you.

The Anti-Sex league has been in full swing in the US for decades.

Anonymous said...

As men check out, it will be interesting to see where the women turn

The state will provide. They have a great sales pitch, after all: they will give women the resources of all men, by taxing them. That only puts income, not assets, at women's disposal, which is clearly insufficient. Hence the change in Canadian law, which I'd bet we soon see in the US, whereby a couple of years of cohabitation gives a woman the same rights to a man's assets as if he had married her.

Mark said...

"Why get together with a boring, responsible man when you can have alpha bad boy spawn?"

The boring responsible men are the ones who are keeping civilization going. Women can try to use the government to extract economic resources from them but it can't work. The government can't do much about men going Galt. There's no leadership they can arrest. It's all very decentralized and happening at an individual level as each man adjusts his lifestyle to the new reality. I've worked for the government and I've seen how slow and stupid and ponderous it is. Government is like a big slow dinosaur with a little tiny brain. You don't want to go up to it and attract its attention but it's easy to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Women prefer taller men, even freakishly small, fat women do.

Even other men prefer taller men. There is a built-in height advantage in all walks of life except for being a jockey.

But black men have it the worst. Black women also prefer white men (not that white men return the favor). From reading Craig's list the ads posted by black women all say the same thing, "you must have a job". The ads from white women don't say that because it is just expected that an adult male WILL have a job. It would be like saying, "No quadriplegics". But black women see mostly men who don't have jobs.

adiaforon said...

For further reading boys and girls, check out:


2. Anything by Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

You might find this interesting as well; it seems to reflect some of your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Leftist propaganda portrays women as more tolerant, but a study cited in the NYT a few years ago shows men are more open to interracial relationships than women.

Anonymous said...

Talk with elderly blacks, if you have a chance. People who lived pre-Great Society. Even in segregated neighborhoods, there was lifelong marriage to the same spouse. Getting a trade or professional job was the ultimate dream when they were shut out from most of these jobs; being educated or skill trained didn't make one a Poindexter, or a Tom, or acting white. It made one a man. There'd be a red light district where gambling and sex and drugs were (same as in the white communities), but that wasn't everywhere, so if you stayed on your block, you were relatively crime free, and your property respected and not broken into.

Zero drive-by's. Zero random shots killing kids on their front porches. Zero open air drug markets. Zero bars on house windows - that was only for factories. Zero no snitch policy; they'd take care of troublemakers so as not to let the white cops have an excuse to come in and be trouble. No such thing as crips and bloods, no thug culture. Marvin Gaye produced his What's Going On album from the point of a Vietnam vet who left this type of world, to come home to the new high crime ghetto atmosphere, an album-long WTF. We just see from 2013 what one couldn't see at that time re: the hypergamy.

Federal housing was for married and widows who could afford it, and in Chicago many Poles and Slovaks can tell you of when there were as many of them as blacks in the CHA. In the late 60's the CHA went only for welfare folk and the whites fled as the CHA units became crime ridden hellholes.

The Feds "helped" the Native Americans almost to death, then with the same "help" reduced the blacks to a nearly feral state. Too hard? Read the Chicago Trib any given Monday morning - it gives weekend casualty totals worse than the overseas war. One city. Whites aren't too far behind. After all, wasn't Obama's Julia campaign on how the feds would provide for a faceless white woman all her life sans husband? Mexicans? Give them a generation before going into the vortex.

The only ones I see not being suckered in are immigrants like the Muslims, or Indians, or Far Easterners, who stick to their own still, and don't assimilate beyond doing business here.

beta_plus said...

Unfortunately, there are statistics claiming that 50+% of black mothers who have an income of +$70K choose to be single mothers. It's completely out of proportion compared to other races.

That's not racism. That's not oppression. That's not the legacy of slavery or Jim Crow.

That's a CHOICE.

and nightmare fuel for the future of the United States.

Tamara said...

Plenty of white women chase after black men, but most black women aren't throwing themselves at white men. In a theory of strict hypergamy, the above phenomenon should be the opposite.

Unknown said...


Funny you mention that. I was watching The Brilliant Idiots podcast yesterday. They interviewed Immortal Technique and he basically said the same thing.