Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Worthless Now Available in Audio

Howdy Lieutenants!

Worthless is available in audio-book format.  I believe it is also on iTunes, but I haven't really ever looked much at iTunes.

Also, if you want to stock up on Amazon stuff before the new Minnesota law goes into effect, do it now.

Have to set up a South Dakota LLC and some legal stuff to get her up and running afterwards, but that might have to be after vacation.


Anonymous said...

14.95 on iTunes.

Chris Silvestre said...

14.95 on iTunes

Anonymous said...

So if more students majored in STEM courses wouldn't that flood the pool of candidates and lower the wages?

As I remember that's what happened to the MBA mystique.

adiaforon said...

Hats off to Davis for reading. His voice is more measured with enough sarcasm trickling out to drive the point home.