Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mark Dayton and the Amazon Tax

Looks like Amazon will be shutting down the affiliate program in Minnesota.

Here is my response to Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Democrats responsible for this.

However, this does not mean the Amazon Affiliate program will go away.  I will simply set up shop in South Dakota.
And thus concludes another fine lesson of "capital flight."


Eric B said...

While I personally never met Mark Dayton nor worked with him, I know dozens of people who have; some many years ago when he was in college and others much more recently.

Mark Dayton is a nice person but is seriously mentally ill. He met his Rockefeller ex wife (who still significantly funds groups that attack his opponents) at a camp for rich kids with mental issues.

On the campaign for governor, he was seen rocking in the corner until his handlers took him away. People who had to try to negotiate with him during the shutdown noticed he was fine in the morning, but by midday the medication wore off. When he was out speaking at a company defending his shutdown, he was making no sense. One of the managers asked his handlers what was going on and they admitted he was off his medication. A friend who used to work in mental health told me Dayton suffers the obvious side effects of years of psychiatropic medication.

We call him "Crazy Eyes" for a reason. Its sadly true.

Captain Capitalism said...

Then that just makes Minnesota voters all that much worse.

Eric B said...

Except his allies in the media have done a good job hiding his illness and his handlers limit his appearances. For example, during Dayton's campaign, he typically made only one event a day, usually earlier in the day, while Emmer made 3, 4, or 5 events a day.

sth_txs said...

Good for Amazon, though they are no friend of the consumer on this tax issue.

Even our Republican douchebag governor Perry with the help of a Republican comptroller and willing state legislature arm twisted Amazon into collecting a sales tax.

Donttreadonmatt said...

Yeah, I call him Crazy Eyes too. The guy is fucking nuts.

I've been considering fleeing MN for awhile now. Just want to make sure that wherever it is has better weather (don't want to trade cold for humid and hot) and the people need to be more freedom-minded. South Dakota is on my list, as well as most of the Pacific Northwest, minus the coast states. The American Redoubt, I believe it is called.

frank said...

"Mark Dayton is a nice person but is seriously mentally ill."

That is the personality of most of the men in the Twin Cities. I could probably win governor round these parts but saying I will be corrupt but will make it illegal to work when the weather is nice. The goofiest personalities are elected.

I've found the easiest way to scare the men is to force them to make a decision or present independent thought.

Once I figured this out...a good opener to ladies is "I'm not from here...I'm a foreigner." I had one lady tell me that was a good thing.

Unknown said...

Minnesota sounds like an utter cesspool now. If I was in your situation, I'd move immediately to a state that at least has no sales tax and live there for a while.

I'm gonna try to buy Dr. Helen's new book as soon as I can using your Amazon link before it's too late.

Rick Caird said...

Wasn't Dayton the Senator that just went home after an anthrax scare in the Senate? He went home and never came back.

Anyway, that was a rant worthy of Santelli. If Dayton saw it, he would not understand it.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, you should put your podcasts higher up on the website - they are very interesting but I didn't even know they were there (come from YouTube) initially.

Thanks for the videos, I knew very little about the manosphere and MGTOW and thought maybe I was alone in my views because nobody I work with thinks like this, but having said that they are almost all unhappy...